IPL 2021: Harbhajan Singh Shows Spirit of Cricket by Comforting Nabi

SRH vs KKR IPL 2021: Harbhajan Singh comforts Nabi who took a body hit
Harbhajan Singh comforts Nabi who took a body a hit while batting

During the IPL 2021 SRH vs KKR match Harbhajan Singh made a heart warming jesture towards the opponent batsman Mohammad Nabi. Harbhajan Singh made a return to cricket after two years after the 40-year spinner has been roped by KKR in the IPL 2021 Auction.

Harbhajan Singh comforts Mohammad Nabi

The incident took place on the fourth ball of the 16th over when Prasidh Krishna banged the ball in short and it hit Nabi – who was trying to pull – on the neck.

While the batsman was in pain and concern, Harbhajan walked up to the batsman to enquire if he was alright. Nabi was on his feet while getting medical assistance as the umpires called for a strategic timeout.

After the loss, Warner said that the dew made the difference.

“The dew made a difference. If the bowlers overpitched, it was easy to hit it, and with the height in their team, and with the cross-seam, it stopped a little bit on us. We would like to have won the first game, but we have four more games at this venue and hopefully we will get used to the square and the dimensions of this ground,” Warner said after the match.

However, both Harbhajan Singh and Mohammad Nabi are expected to play key roles for their side in the tournament.

During the match, he did bowl merely an over conceding eight runs. Nabi scored 11 off 14 balls but that was not good enough to help Sunrisers Hyderabad chase 188. Kolkata won the game by 10 runs to get their campaign off to a flying start.

Kolkata Knight Riders will face the Mumbai Indians on April 13 at Chennai for their next match. While Sunrisers Hyderabad will face Royal Challengers Bangalore on April 14 at Chennai for their next league match of the IPL 2021.