ICC Men’s Test Cricket Team Ranking – Current Updates

ICC Men's Test Cricket Team Ranking
ICC Men's Test Cricket Team Ranking

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ICC Men’s Test Cricket Team Ranking: The ICC Men’s Test Team Rankings is an international rankings system of the International Cricket Council for the 12 teams that play Test cricket (though Afghanistan and Ireland are not currently ranked as they have not played enough matches recently).

ICC Men’s Test Cricket Team Ranking

The rankings are based on international matches that are otherwise played as part of regular Test cricket scheduling, with no consideration of home or away status.

Last updated (GMT) – 13 July 2022

1 Australia 19 2,439 128
2 India 29 3,318 114
3 South Africa 21 2,306 110
4 England 39 3,909 100
5 New Zealand 27 2,704 100
6 Pakistan 20 1,865 93
7 Sri Lanka 20 1,637 82
8 West Indies 25 1,988 80
9 Bangladesh 22 1,047 48
10 Zimbabwe 6 148 25

Men’s Test Cricket Team Ranking System

  • After every Test series, the two teams involved receive points based on a mathematical formula involving both teams’ previous rating and the result of the series.
  • Each team’s points total from matches over the last 3–4 years is divided by a figure based on their total number of matches and series played, to give a “rating”.
  • A drawn match between higher and lower-rated teams will benefit the lower-rated team at the expense of the higher-rated team.
  • An “average” team that wins as often as it loses, while playing a mix of stronger and weaker teams, will have a rating of 100.

ICC World Test Championship

Earlier to the introduction of the World Test Championship, the top-ranked test team was awarded the ICC Test Championship mace.

From 2002 to 2021, the mace was transferred whenever a new team moved to the top of the rating list. The team that was top of the rating table on 1 April each year also won a cash prize.

ICC introduced the World Test Championship with the goal of having one pinnacle tournament for each of the three formats of international cricket.

The first ICC World Test Championship started with the 2019 Ashes series and finished with New Zealand lifting the trophy after defeating India in the final in June 2021.

New Zealand won the inaugural edition of WTC
New Zealand won the inaugural edition of WTC

Who Invented ICC Team Rankings?

The MRF Tyres ICC Team Rankings is a rating method developed by David Kendix to rank men’s and women’s teams playing across Test, ODI, and T20I formats.

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