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Australia vs India: Sachin Reveals the Strategy to Dismiss Steve Smith

Indian Legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar gave an invaluable piece of advice to team India ahead of the Australia series.

Sachin’s tactic is to be used against India’s biggest adversary in the Test series particularly against Australia’s talisman, Steve Smith. Smith is widely considered as the world’s best Test batsman, averaging an astonishing 62.84 in Test matches.

Sachin Tendulkar’s advice for India ahead of Australia Test series

In an interview with PTI, Sachin said “Smith’s technique is unconventional… Normally, we tell a bowler in Test matches to bowl on and around off stump or maybe a fourth-stump line. But for Smith, because he shuffles, maybe that line moves further away [from off stump] by four to five inches”.

Steve Smith
Steve Smith

Tendulkar revealed that the Indian bowlers should target the imaginary “fifth-stump” line to trouble Smith and dismiss him early. While to a batsman with an orthodox technique, the bowler tries to bowl in a channel outside the off-stump (imaginary fourth stump) but as Smith’s plays with an unconventional style, the ball should be aimed even further outside off.

“One has to aim between [an imaginary] fourth and fifth stump for Steve to nick one. It’s just a mental adjustment of line, more than anything else,” added Tendulkar.

Apparently, Smith is infamous for moving across the line, where he is seen covering all his three stumps. Owing to that, the regular off-pitched deliveries hardly trouble him and thus bowlers all over the world have little success against him.

Steve Struggled on Neil Wagner’s Delivery

Smith had been dismissed four times on short-pitched deliveries by pacer Neil Wagner, during Australia’s last Test series against New Zealand. When that issue was highlighted in the build-up to the India series, Smith had laid the challenge to the Indian bowlers “to bring on the short-stuff.’

Neil Wagner
Neil Wagner

Speaking about the same, Sachin said “instead of going for the short balls, the pacers should be targeting the outside off-stump channel” which he talked about. Sachin said that “it is highly likely that Smith is actually expecting short-pitched deliveries from the Indian seamers”.

“Smith, I read, said he is ready for the short-pitched stuff… probably he is expecting bowlers to be aggressive upfront with him. But I think he needs to be tested on and around that off-stump channel. Keep him on [the] back foot and induce that early mistake.”

The Aussie batting linchpin, Smith, would be looking to come out all guns blazing against India this time around. In Smith’s absence, Australia had lost the last Test series against India 2-1 at home. Both Smith and Warner were serving a year-long ban at that time for their involvement in the infamous ball-tampering scandal.

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