5 Tips to Dominate FC 24 And Become A Beginner to Master

Erling Haaland in FC24 Game

Whether you joined this legendary footballing franchise with FC 24, FIFA 14, FIFA 04, or even FIFA 94, the game can be tough. Its fast-paced action can shift at any moment thanks to a change of tactics or a moment of genius. This difficulty can both enthrall and frustrate—depending on your mood. But if you’ve been dominated recently, don’t fret—with the right tools you can easily become the one to rise above the competition and dominate the game. 

So let’s run down five tried and tested strategies you can use to up your game.

Mastering the Art of Passing

Look, we know this doesn’t sound as dynamic as running on goal or learning how to whip in a cross, but trust us when we say that this is the most important skill in the game. Period.

Passing lies at the heart of football as a sport. In very few instances can the ball get from your end of the pitch into the opponent’s net without a heck of a lot of passing.

  • First off, you have to understand that not all players’ passing is created equal. Some aren’t great at passing and others are. Make sure that you have midfielders and wingers who can pass like they were made to—because you need to have people on your team who can get the ball to your strikers.
  • Second, master the different styles of passing. You need to keep it fresh. Master high balls, low balls, through balls, driven passes, chips, and everything in between. Then use them all to keep your opponent guessing.
  • Third, keep your players open for passes. Never be static, players should always be looking for space, running to initiate innovation through balls. And more. While passing is about kicking the ball, it’s also about being ready to be passed to, so keep that in mind.

Defending Like a Wall

Again, it’s not the most glamorous part of the game, but mastering defending will greatly improve your chances of keeping a clean sheet—exponentially increasing your chance of winning every game. There are four things you can consider here.

  • Positioning is key to blocking players and closing down opponents. Don’t chase the ball, stay organized and own the space. Don’t let the attackers push you around, or they’ll cut right through you.
  • Master the tackle. Ultimately, you need to tackle or intercept to get the ball back, but tackling is far easier against skilled opponents as if they know how to pass, you’ll never be intercepting the ball. Learn the strengths of different tackles, especially standing tackles, to master gaining possession without causing a foul.

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Add Some Skill Flair to Your Game

Skill moves may just look like fun—and they are—but they also have their tactical purposes. 

  • Fake shots can send defenders scrambling, creating plenty of space for you to line up a belter. Learn how to do them and when to use them, and you might end up scoring plenty more goals.
  • Perfect your first touch, and you’ll be able to receive even the most complex pass without losing any control, helping you keep possession even more.

These two skills in particular can be very useful, but it’s important to learn your vocabulary of skills to keep your opponent guessing.

Become a Penalty-Taking Prodigy

Penalties are nerve-wracking in real life, but even their virtual version can be stressful as it’s only you and the keeper. Head into practice mode to improve your penalty-taking skills and mettle, this will help you capitalize on the mistakes your opponents make in the game, giving you the upper hand.

Once you’ve mastered the penalty, also try to master the free kick; both direct and indirect. 

Be a Team Player

Last of all, if you’re playing online or with others be sure to remember that football is a team sport—and play accordingly. If you want to play with some top teammates you can get top-level fifa accounts to matchmake with the best of the best. But, it’s not essential. Simply learning to be a team player can make a colossal difference, and here are three ways to achieve it.

  • Communicate effectively by calling out what you’re doing, if you’re making a move or any strategies you’re thinking of. Of course, not all of them are going to be the best ideas or are going to be followed up on, but keeping your teammates in the know can be the difference between scoring and losing the ball.
  • Support your teammates and their decisions; both in terms of your play and positioning and in your positivity towards the game. Both will go a long way.
  • Understand your roles. While FIFA will see you switching players a lot, get to know the players and their positions. You don’t want to be going for a run with a defender or trying to cross in with a centre-mid. Try to always play players in their positions, and you’ll get the most out of them.

These tips will start you on your journey to mastering FC 24. Now, you may be thinking that this may sound like a training regimen… And well, it is. After all, you’re training to be a virtual sportsperson; it’s not so different from the real thing. But don’t worry, it’s FIFA, so it’s going to stay fun and quickfire.