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5 Most Iconic and Best Cricket Games Ever Released

Most cricket fans consume the sport in a variety of ways, from watching the major Test cricket matches to listening to a cricket-themed podcast. Additionally, many fans supplement their cricket watching with a session of best cricket games. Not only are these types of products fun and entertaining, but they enable fans to recreate specific moments in a match and try their hand, albeit in a virtual way, at becoming a professional player.

The sports genre of gaming has generally always appealed to sports supporters. While other popular sports, such as football, have always been inundated with products, cricket fans have had far more limited options on the whole. In the modern world, there are some hugely popular cricket titles, such as Cricket Star and Cricket Star Scratch at Playerz, although the catalog of best cricket games is generally small. For fans of the sport, though, there have been some cricket masterpieces over the years, with many undoubtedly influencing some of the other hit releases of today, such as World Cricket Championship 3 and Sachin Saga Cricket Champions.

5 Best Cricket Games Ever Released

Since the dawn of video gaming, there have certainly been some iconic and best cricket games despite there being a shortage compared to other sports. Let’s take a look at some of the best of them below.

Don Bradman Cricket 14

A definite upgrade on the other titles that came before it, such as Ashes Cricket 2009, Don Bradman Cricket 14 showcased what new-gen consoles could offer ahead of older console machines. The results were impressive, as this excellent cricket sim won over cricket fans everywhere. While operating the fielding was a nightmare on occasions, the batting provided an immaculate gaming experience in what was a solid all-round package. Don Bradman Cricket 14 lacks the detail of many of today’s products, but it certainly delivered at the time.

Super International Cricket

Alongside some Brian Lara titles and a few others, Super International Cricket is widely regarded as being one of the best cricket games ever made. Essentially the T20 of cricket games before the format even officially existed in the real world; the game was a blast to play. In fact, it was quite literally a blast, as players blasted their way to victory and earned a few ‘Howzats?!’ along the way.

Shane Warne Cricket

Shane Warne will forever be associated with the sport of cricket, and rightly so, too. The Australian legend, who sadly passed away recently, is an icon. His stock was perhaps at its highest during the release of Shane Warne Cricket in particular, with this sequel to Brian Lara Cricket aiming to register similar success. While it didn’t quite reach the levels of Lara’s title, it was still entertaining enough to be played in a number of households around the world.

Graham Goochs Test Cricket

Graham Gooch’s Test Cricket almost certainly would be laughed out of existence in today’s gaming climate, but when it was released in 1985, it won over many cricket gamers. While it lacked detail and provided a classic arcade gaming experience, it was still fun to play in parts, especially in arcade mode, where you could simply slog or bowl your way to glory. Graham Gooch probably shouldn’t be too proud of it, but there’s no doubting that Graham Gooch’s Test Cricket will hold a special place in some gamers’ hearts.

Graham Gooch’s Test Cricket Game
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Ashes Cricket

While there have been some shocking takes on Ashes-themed cricket games over the years, Ashes Cricket was actually a success. Offering impressively clean graphics and good all-round gameplay, Ashes Cricket signified a growing offering from cricket sims in general and was well-received overall.

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