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The Absolute Best Rust Beginner Guide Tips for Fresh Spawns

Rust game is all about survival. Everything wants you dead – the environment, inhabitants, other survivors, and the wildlife of the island. You must make every effort to live through a night in the game. Rust drops players in a dangerous, open-world environment with no clothes and weapons but one goal – to survive.

If you’re new to this brutal FPS and survival game, there are some tips to guide you through your fresh spawns. These tips will help you get the best gaming experience, from surviving to improving over time. Also, you can try some Rust hacks with aimbot to get a quick start early in the game.

Best Tips to Guide Rust Beginners for Fresh Spawns

Let’s learn some tricks and tips to play the game smoothly as a beginner.

  • Your server choice matters

The most common mistake of beginners is joining old and populated servers. This strategy can be ideal for some players for an aggressive experience. But newcomers seeking to understand and exploring the game might not fit in here. There will be so many interactions and aggressive attacks as well. While it may make your adventure super busy, it won’t allow you to enjoy the game, as you’ll keep dying and spawning.

Advisably, join beginner-friendly servers, i.e., servers with very few populations. With fewer people, you’ll have a gentle environment while gaining experience, gathering resources, and building a safe base. 

Also, when choosing your server, consider the time of the server’s creation. The newer the server, the less advanced potential enemies you’ll face.

Rust Game Tips

  • Mornings In Rust Works better

Use the morning to gather resources. When you enter a server, and it’s nighttime already, exit immediately and check back after 10-15 minutes. Preferably, you can pick another server that’s in the daytime. Night times in Rust are highly disorienting and risky. Beginners should commence their activities in the daytime and prepare for their first evening. 

Stone and wood are the two primary resources you must gather while exploring the game. With these, you can craft tools like a Pickaxe and a Hatchet to make work easier or craft weapons like a Bone knife, hunting bow, and wooden spear for protection. 

Remember that gathering many resources can put you at risk, making you a looting target for other players. So observe your location and avoid open environments to avoid attention.

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  • Get a hiding place early

Building your safe base early is ideal for beginners. It serves as a hiding place and a store as well. You can safely store all the resources you’ve gathered in your base, making out space in your inventory for more. To build your base, you need the Hummer, which requires 100 wood, and the Building Plan, which requires 20 wood.

With the Building Plan, you can set up your first structure with twigs and upgrade the building with the Hummer to stone and wood. These are vital for survival in Rust. Also, you must keep fetching more resources to strengthen your base. Consider getting a tool cupboard and critical locks for advanced security. You can protect your tools in the cupboard with one key lock and the door with another.

  • Consider hard-to-reach locations 

Building your base in a hard-to-reach location is the best way to keep off unnecessary contacts. Nevertheless, you must consider several factors at this point. For instance, climate conditions like the cold can freeze you out in the bush. If you’re planning to build in the bush, make provision for necessities that will keep you warm.

Keeping your base out of sight prevents unwelcomed guests and unplanned attractions. You don’t want to return and find your base looted by opponents. Moreover, as you gain more experience in the game, you may prefer the roads for your base. It’s easier to find crates and barrels here, but they’re high-attraction spots for other players in Rust.

  • Get that sleeping bag ready

Getting a sleeping bag helps you spawn directly on it. Instead of placing this respawn-point bag anywhere on the island, consider getting at least one in a safe place. This makes you spawn in that safe place when you respawn in Rust. 

To make a sleeping bag, you must collect cloth resources in the game. You can make one for a friend or even name it for easy identification. Since other players can destroy your sleeping bags, placing them in safe spots on the map is advisable.

  • Always Filter the players

Remember, Rust is all about survival, no matter what it takes. This means every player can devise strategies to make things easier for them. 

Some will pretend to be friends to access your base, resources, and tools, and loot you afterward. Some will come close enough to end you by surprise. This doesn’t mean you should attack or behave controversially in the game. You can be friendly but never trust any opponent.


Rust is one of the industry’s most played FPS and survival games, yet most beginners get to face the brutal nature of the game. However, the tips mentioned above will make your first games in Rust less dangerous, allowing you to get the hang of the game over time.

Wrapping up, join beginner-friendly servers, work in the morning, erect a safe base early, and ensure it’s out of sight. Craft a sleeping bag in safe spots to respawn safely. More importantly, be friendly and don’t trust anyone. 

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