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Top 5 Hack to Pull Off Amazing Skill Moves in EA FC 24

You know the feeling – it’s the 89th minute, you’re down by one, and you’ve gotta pull off something amazing to get that clutch equalizer. Time to bust out those skill moves. We’ve all tried button mashing and hoping for the best, but real ballers have their skill moves down to a science. That’s where this guide comes in. We’re breaking down all the flicks, spins, drags, and more that’ll have defenders clutching at air while you dance around them. Whether you’re rocking Messi or Mbappe, you’ll be shredding defenses and unleashing your inner Neymar after reading this. Think your thumb skill is already elite? This guide takes things to the next level. Get ready to pull off moves you never thought possible as we detail every skill in EA FC 24. After this, you won’t just beat defenders – you’ll humiliate them.

Introducing Skill Moves in EA FC 24

To dominate the pitch in EA FC 24, you’ll need to master the skill moves. These flashy techniques allow you to beat defenders and create scoring chances.

Ball Roll

The ball roll is a simple side-to-side dodge. While dribbling, hold RT/R2 and move the left stick left or right. Your player will roll the ball in that direction to evade a defender. This basic move is perfect for creating space in tight areas.


Stepovers involve tapping the ball to one side and then quickly cutting the other way. Hold RT/R2 and flick the right stick left then right (or right then left) to perform a stepover. The sudden change of direction can trick defenders and open up paths to goal.

Rainbow Flick

For a show-stopping trick, pull off the rainbow flick. Hold LT/L2 and flick the right stick back then forward. Your player will flick the ball up and over their head, ideally evading the defender in the process. Rainbow flicks require precise timing but lead to amazing highlight-reel moments.

With practice, you’ll be chaining multiple skill moves together and dribbling past entire backlines. But start with the fundamentals, and you’ll be well on your way to dominating the dribbling game in EA FC 24. Show off your skills online or against friends – just remember, for every jaw-dropping trick, there’s a defender looking to make you pay!

The Top 5 Skill Moves You Need to Know

Step Overs

The step over is a simple yet effective move. While dribbling, step one leg over and past the ball to trick the defender into thinking you’re changing direction. Once they commit, push the ball past them with the outside of your foot and burst into open space. With practice, you’ll be dancing past opponents in no time!

Fake Shots

Faking a shot is a great way to create an opening. While dribbling at pace, plant one foot and move the ball as if to strike, but at the last second, push it to one side with the inside of your foot and accelerate into the space. The defender will dive in anticipation of the shot, leaving you free to attack.


The roulette is a flashy skill move to add to your arsenal. Place one foot on top of the ball and roll in one direction. As the ball rolls, spin and drag it back with the bottom of your foot in the opposite direction. When executed properly, you’ll roll right by the bewildered defender. Practice the timing and be quick to burst away as you come out the other side.

Elastico Chop

For the elastico chop, while dribbling, chop one leg over and behind the ball, trapping it between your feet. Then, in one swift motion, drag the ball back in the opposite direction with your other foot. This quick change of direction can wrong-foot even the quickest defenders. The key is practice and perfecting an explosive exit after executing the move.

Sombrero Flick

The sombrero flick, or ‘around the world’, involves flicking the ball up and over your head before collecting it on the other side. While tricky to master, when used sparingly it is a show-stopping skill that will have fans on their feet. Timing is everything, so start by practicing the flick from a stationary position before attempting it at speed during gameplay. With regular practice, this crowd-pleasing trick will soon become second nature.

Bridge Skill Move in EA FC 24

How to Pull Off the Bridge Skill Move in EA FC 24

To execute the Bridge skill move, follow these steps:

Get into Position

With the ball at your player’s feet, hold the left trigger to face away from the goal. Bend your knees and hold the right analog stick down to crouch. This will get your player into the starting position for the Bridge.

Flick the Right Analog Stick

Quickly flick the right analog stick in the opposite direction that your player is facing. For example, if your player is facing left, flick the stick right. This will make your player sweep one leg behind the other and roll the ball backwards, performing the Bridge.

Exit with Speed

As soon as your player rolls the ball, push the left analog stick in the direction you want to exit the move. Tap the right trigger repeatedly to accelerate quickly out of the Bridge. This will allow you to beat defenders and create space to take a shot or make a pass.

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Practice the Timing

The key to mastering the Bridge is practicing the timing of the right analog stick flick. Do it too early or too late and the move won’t execute properly. Go into the Arena or a Skill Game and practice the crouch, flick, and exit over and over. Start slowly and build up your speed as you get more comfortable.

With regular practice, the Bridge can become an extremely effective skill move for creating space and unlocking defenses. Add it to your arsenal of moves and use it sparingly in games to surprise your opponent and gain an advantage. And remember, the Bridge works best when you have space and at least one defender to beat – don’t try it when surrounded by opponents, or you’ll likely lose the ball!

Mastering the Roulette Skill Move for Beating Defenders

To execute the Roulette skill move, you’ll need to time it just right to fake out your opponent. Pull it off, and you’ll breeze right by them to get into a scoring position.

How to Perform the Roulette

To do the Roulette, hold down the right trigger (R2 on PlayStation, RT on Xbox) while dribbling to face up to a defender. Release the trigger and quickly tap the right stick left or right, depending on which direction you want to exit. Your player will roll the ball behind their planted foot, spinning their body away from the defender. Exit the spin accelerating in the opposite direction.

When to Use the Roulette

The Roulette works best when a defender is directly in front of you, attempting to block your path. Time it for when they commit to one side, and exit the spin the other way. It’s also effective when used near the corners of the penalty box, as defenders will be more hesitant to dive in, giving you space to spin and attack.

Practice the Timing

The key to mastering the Roulette is practicing precise timing. Release the trigger and tap the stick just before the defender reaches you, so your player spins at the last second. Exit the spin immediately accelerating in the opposite direction. If done right, your opponent will be left flat-footed, grasping at air while you speed by.

With regular practice in skill games and matches, Roulette can become second nature, allowing you to breeze by defenders at full speed and fire off shots before the keeper has time to react. Soon you’ll be putting on a show and scoring from all angles as you dance around helpless defenders. Master this move, and you’ll transform into an unstoppable force.

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