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How Popular is Cricket in USA? TV Coverages, Leagues & More

Cricket began playing in the South East of England around the 1600s, but since that time, it has spread throughout the world and become increasingly popular in locations such as Australia and sub-continental Asia. Cricket in USA is conspicuously absent from these sorts of lists, most likely as a result of the prevalence of other ball-and-bat sports (namely baseball).

On the other hand, there really is reason to assume that cricket’s appeal in the USA is on the rise, especially with the impending spending of one billion dollars on American cricket. We have chosen to create this essay in preparation for the establishment of a professional Twenty20 league Cricket in USA. In it, we will examine the history of cricket as well as its growing popularity in the United States.

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Relax and read on to find out how the culture of the USA is starting to be influenced by this sport that originated in England.

Wagering on Sports

Bets placed on sporting events are often a reliable barometer of a sport’s popularity in a given nation. It is ingrained in the culture that surrounds the game and may be most plainly observed in horse racing.

Gambling on cricket as well as other sports, including the National Football League, has been declared totally legal in the United States in accordance with rules and regulations governing prudent gambling. Cricket wagering advice is even easily accessible online for anyone living in the United States to use. Cricket’s rising profile in American pop culture is a strong indicator that the sport is gaining more followers. A magnificent oak may sprout from the smallest of acorns.

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Cricket in USA

Cricket Played on Television

Historically, it has been hard for Americans to watch such a sport on their TVs due to broadcasting restrictions. Thankfully, in the year 2010, an American subscription-based television sports network known as Willow TV was introduced. When it first launched, this channel was nothing but a link to the web. Willow TV has been around since 2003, and its popularity has increased in step with that of American cricket as a whole.

As a result, it is now offered through Apple TV and Sling TV after previously only being accessible through Roku. You could also watch this sport on ESPN+, which is the online version of the most popular cable sports channel for Cricket in USA, which routinely airs sporting events like the National Football League. The fact that it is not shown on ESPN is an indication that cricket is not yet hugely popular in the United States.

However, we can only hope that this will change as a result of growing broadcast on other networks such as Willow TV.

Professional Leagues

The principal coordinator for cricket in USA was initially established in 1965, and in 2017 it was given a new lease on life under the name USA cricket. In contrast, the National League of Professional Baseball Clubs was founded in 1876, which is approximately one hundred years well before Major League Baseball. This indicates that baseball has been ingrained into American society to a considerably greater extent than cricket has.

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The gap in pay between baseball and softball, another ball-and-bat game, is even further exacerbated by the fact that baseball players are considered professionals. The most recent figure for the highest yearly wage earned by a professional American cricketer was documented as being $160,000, but the earnings of big league American baseball players can range anywhere from $550,000 to $35 million. In addition, there is a striking deficiency in the number of cricket grounds in the United States. The majority of competitions take place on repurposed fields, like those seen in soccer stadiums. It is therefore impossible to determine if the United States cricket’s lack of popularity is due to a lack of money or a lack of history and contemporary importance.

On the other hand, a regulating body known as “Major League Cricket” has been founded in the United States in the year 2019. Because of this, we are led to assume that the level of professionalism in cricket is increasing.

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In Conclusion

Cricket has not achieved tremendous popularity in the United States for a variety of reasons, including a lack of finance, the fact that it is not shown on television, and the fact that it has less historical relevance. Nevertheless, there are currently a growing number of grounds to assume that its appeal is on the increase. This is because the society surrounding American cricket is expanding alongside the growth of the sport’s professional leagues and broadcast networks.

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