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Most Fifties in T20 World Cup 2024

Most Fifties in T20 World Cup 2024: In a short format game like T20, batters swing their bat with the motive to score quick runs to assist their team in reaching the desired target.

As a team player, no one will play the match with the target of achieving a personal milestone instead they will be keen to push the team’s score to a safer zone. During this process, some players may end up scoring a half-century which some might convert into a century.

T20 World Cup 2024 is not an exception to this. The 9th edition of the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024 is set to be hosted by the United States and West Indies. This was the first time the tournament would be hosted by the US.

Most Fifties in T20 World Cup 2024

As per the T20 World Cup 2024 schedule, the first match will be played between the United States and Canada on June 02 at Nassau County International Cricket Stadium.

Players who smash Half Centuries in the tournament will be updated here right after the conclusion of each game.

Player Mat Runs HS 50
Rahmanullah Gurbaz (AFG) 3 167 80 2
MP Stoinis (AUS) 3 97 67* 1
B McMullen (SCOT) 3 80 61* 1
MD Patel (USA) 2 66 50 1
Shakib Al Hasan (BAN) 3 75 64* 1
Mohammad Rizwan (PAK) 3 93 53* 1
PS Athavale (OMA) 3 59 54 1
RG Sharma (IND) 3 68 52* 1
DA Warner (AUS) 3 115 56 1
SA Yadav (IND) 3 59 50* 1
MP O’Dowd (NED) 3 68 54* 1
Ibrahim Zadran (AFG) 3 114 70 1
S Bau (PNG) 3 55 50 1
MG Erasmus (NAM) 3 101 52 1
SE Rutherford (WI) 3 92 68* 1
Aaron Jones (USA) 3 141 94* 1
NS Dhaliwal (CAN) 3 71 61 1
AGS Gous (USA) 3 102 65 1
A Johnson (CAN) 3 89 52 1
NR Kirton (CAN) 3 101 51 1
DA Miller (SA) 4 101 59* 1


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ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024 Format

The ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024 will follow the group stage, Super 8s and knockout stage format.

  • The qualified 20 teams will divided into 4 groups of five teams.
  • The top 2 teams in each group will advance to the Super8 round.
  • The qualified teams will be categorized into 2 groups of four, where the top 2 teams from each group will qualify for the knockout stage.
  • In the knockout stage, 2 semifinals and a final game will be played to decide the tournament winner.

ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024 Rules

The T20 World Cup has certain rules and regulations defined by the International Cricket Council to be followed by all teams participating in the qualifiers and main event.

  • The tournament is played in a T20 format so that both teams will face 20 overs unless they are bowled out beforehand or the second batting team reaches the target before then.
  • Each innings will have a six-over powerplay and there are certain restrictions in that phase.
  • All the fixtures should last three hours and 10 minutes, with each inning getting one hour and 25 minutes, separated by a 20-minute interval.
  • The tournament will feature the stop-clock rule which suggests the bowling side must be ready to bowl each over within 60 seconds after completing the previous over.
  • Each side will be allowed two unsuccessful reviews per inning. If the second batting team completes their innings by leveling the score, the match will go to a super over (each team will face six balls – the highest score wins). If that finishes a tie, super-overs will continue to be played until a winner is found.
  • If any match is interrupted due to rain or other reasons, the match will produce a result if both sides have played a minimum of five overs in the group stages, which rises to 10 overs in the knock-out stages.
  • If a match is halted after that point due to weather conditions then DLS (Duckworth Lewis Stern method) will be used to decide the winner.
  • The first semi-finals and finals will have a reserve day, but the semi-final match will have an additional 250 minutes.
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