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Most Hundreds in ODI World Cup 2023 – All Centuries List

Most Hundreds in ODI World Cup 2023: Century, Hundred, TON – we can name the 100 runs mark in whatever name we can. Reaching the 100 runs mark is considered as the majestic moment for the player.

As per the ICC Men’s Cricket ODI World Cup 2023 schedule, England and New Zealand will play the first match of the tournament on October 5 at Narendra Modi Stadium, Ahmedabad. A total of 48 matches will be played between 10 participating teams across 10 venues in different cities across India.

It will be the first time the competition is held entirely in India; three previous editions were partially hosted there – 1987, 1996, and 2011. As of the previous edition, the 2023 edition will also follow the same format where each participating team will play the other nine teams once in the group stage where a total of 45 group matches will be played.

The top 4 teams of the ICC ODI World Cup points table will enter the knockout stage to play semifinal 1 and semifinal 2.

In this section, we have listed the players with the Most Hundreds in ODI World Cup 2023 list along with many other details.

Most Hundreds in ODI World Cup 2023

Most Hundreds in ODI World Cup 2023: In an ODI format game, scoring a century requires a lot of skill and patience. South Africa’s Aiden Markram in the 2023 World Cup scored the fastest century in World Cup history by scoring the triple-digit score in just 49 deliveries.

Check out the Most Hundreds in ODI World Cup 2023 below:

10 594 174 59.4 107.02 4
10 578 123* 64.22 106.44 3
11 765 117 95.62 90.31 3
6 329 137 54.83 127.51 2
9 400 201* 66.66 150.37 2
10 552 134 69 111.06 2
10 441 177* 49 107.56 2
10 448 133 49.77 84.52 2
11 530 128* 66.25 113.24 2
11 535 163 48.63 108.29 2
4 220 126* 73.33 122.9 1
6 304 108 50.66 89.14 1
8 328 111 54.66 91.62 1
8 336 113 42 93.33 1
9 288 108 36 85.2 1
9 395 131* 65.83 95.41 1
9 376 129* 47 76.26 1
9 404 140 44.88 101 1
9 294 122 32.66 113.95 1
9 373 108 53.28 102.19 1
10 372 152* 41.33 101.63 1
10 373 109 41.44 133.21 1
10 406 106 45.11 110.92 1
10 356 101 44.5 107.87 1
11 452 102 75.33 90.76 1
11 597 131 54.27 125.94 1

World Cup 2023 Rules

Most Hundreds in ODI World Cup 2023: As of the previous edition, the 2023 edition will be played between ten teams. The current format involves a qualification phase, which takes place over the preceding three years, to determine which teams qualify for the tournament phase.

The cricket ODI World Cup will follow a slightly changed set of rules compared to the other cricket formats. Check out the World Cup 2023 Rules below:

  • In World Cup 2023, there will be 2 sessions of 3.5 hours each separated by a 45 minutes break.
  • Right after the toss, the captains will name the playing 11 for the match.
  • Each bowler is restricted to bowling a maximum of 10 overs (fewer in the case of rain-reduced matches and in any event generally no more than one-fifth or 20% of the total overs per innings).
  • Fielding restrictions and powerplays
    • In the first 10 overs of an inning (the mandatory powerplay), the fielding team may have at most two fielders outside the 30-yard circle. This allows only attacking fields to be set during the powerplay.
    • Between 11 and 40 overs four fielders will be allowed to field outside the 30-yard circle. Either an Attacking or Normal Field can be set in the second powerplay.
    • In the final 10 overs, the captain of the bowling side is allowed to place up to five fielders beyond the 30-yard circle.
    • All three types of fields (attacking, defensive and normal fields) Can be used in the third powerplay.
    • The three powerplays are referenced by P1, P2 and P3 respectively, usually displayed near the score in modern scorecards.
  • If the number of runs scored by both teams is equal when the second team loses all its wickets or exhausts all its overs, then the game is declared a tie (regardless of the number of wickets lost by either team).
  • In case of a tie, a super over will be bowled for the knockout and final games.
  • If weather conditions force the match officials to halt the game for an extended period of time, the match will be postponed to its reserve day(only for the semi-final and final).
    • For those games that don’t have a reserve day, DLS will be used to determine the winner of the game.

Men’s ICC Cricket World Cup Winners and Runners

Most Sixes in ODI World Cup 2023: The table given below gives the list of 50 overs ICC Men’s World Cup Winners along with the runner-ups and Hosts for each year the event was organized:

Year World Cup Winner Runners Up Host Finals Venue
1975 West Indies Australia England
Lord’s Cricket Ground, London
1979 West Indies England England
Lord’s Cricket Ground, London
1983 India West Indies England
Lord’s Cricket Ground, London
1987 Australia England India & Pakistan
Eden Gardens, Kolkata
1992 Pakistan England Australia & New Zealand
Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne
1996 Sri Lanka Australia India, Pakistan & Sri Lanka
Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore
1999 Australia Pakistan England
Lord’s Cricket Ground, London
2003 Australia India Australia
Wanderers, Johannesburg
2007 Australia Sri Lanka Australia
Kensington Oval, Bridgetown
2011 India Sri Lanka India
Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai
2015 Australia New Zealand Australia
Melbourne Cricket Ground
2019 England New Zealand England Lord’s, London

ICC World Cup Winning Captains List

Most Sixes in ODI World Cup 2023: The captain of the team plays a crucial role in winning a cricket match that too winning an ICC trophy requires a huge role from the captain of the team.

Find the detailed list of cricket World Cup-winning captains since 1975 below:

Year Winner Captain
2019 England Eoin Morgan
2015 Australia Michael Clarke
2011 India MS Dhoni
2007 Australia Ricky Ponting
2003 Australia Ricky Ponting
1999 Australia Steve Waugh
1996 Sri Lanka Arjuna Ranatunga
1992 Pakistan Imran Khan
1987 Australia Allan Border
1983 India Kapil Dev
1979 West Indies Clive Lloyd
1975 West Indies Clive Lloyd

Interesting Facts On the Cricket World Cup 

  • The ICC men’s ODI World Cup was first played in 1975 in England where West Indies emerged as the winner of the tournament by beating Australia by 17 runs.
  • The first three Cricket World Cups had been held in England. Since 1987, the Cricket World Cup has been hosted by a different country each time on an unofficial rotation basis. The host countries are selected from the 14 ICC member countries.
  • The 1987 Cricket World Cup was the first one held outside England. It was held in India and Pakistan.
  • The very first century in the Cricket World Cup history was scored by English cricketer Dennis Amiss when he scored 137 runs against India in the 1975 World Cup.
  • Indian player Chetan Sharma also known as the World Cup hat-trick man is the first person to clean bowled three batsmen, including Ken Rutherford, Ian Smith and Ewen Chatfield of New Zealand in 1987, off consecutive balls.
  • In 1996, Nolan Clarke of the Netherlands became the oldest player (47 years, 257 days) to play in a World Cup.
  • The only team to have won three consecutive Cricket World Cups is Australia having won the World Cups in 1999, 2003, and 2007.
  • England is the only country that has hosted the highest number of World Cup tournaments – 4 times, followed by the Sub-continent – 2 times.
  • The World Cup 2015 had two different opening ceremonies, which makes it distinctive from its other seasons. One took place at Christchurch’s North Hagley Park in New Zealand and the other in Melbourne, Australia.
  • Clive Lloyd of the West Indies and Ricky Ponting of Australia are the only captains to win the trophy twice. Lloyd clinched the cup in 1975 and 1979 while the legendary Australian batsman won in 2003 and 2007.
  • The highest score of World Cups was 433-5 in the India vs Bermuda match in 2007 and the lowest is 36 between Canada and Sri Lanka in 2003.
  • Kepler Wessels is the first player to represent two countries in ODI history. He played for Australia from 1982 to 1985, before representing South Africa in 1991. Despite local outrage, Wessels was controversially named as South Africa’s captain for the 1992 World Cup.
  • India is the only team to win the 60-over Cricket World Cup and the 50-over Cricket World Cup.
  • The coin had to be tossed twice at the 2011 World Cup final. When the coin went up for the first time, match referee Jeff Crowe could not hear the call from Kumar Sangakkara. The coin came down as heads and Sangakkara reckoned he called the right side of the coin and was about to say that his side would bat first. However, MS Dhoni said that he heard a call of ‘tails’ from Sangakkara.
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