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PBKS vs DC Head to Head Stats – All Matches Details

PBKS vs DC Head to Head Stats: Ahead of every IPL match, many cricket fans want to look back at their team’s history. Particularly they wish to have a look at head-to-head stats which will explain the total matches played between the teams along with the winning and losing streak.

PBKS vs DC Head to Head Stats

Though we cannot decide the present match result with the history, we can have a great look at the overview of the team’s performance in the past. But do you have the power to predict the winner of today’s IPL match, If yes then predict the match winner for absolutely FREE.

Following are the details of PBKS vs DC Head to Head / DC vs PBKS head to head stats in the Indian Premier League:

Category Delhi Capitals Punjab Kings
Matches Played                                              32
Won 16 16
Loss 16 16
No Result                                               00

PBKS vs DC Head to Head All Matches

PBKS vs DC Head to Head All Matches: Both Delhi Capitals and Punjab Kings played 32 matches so far where both won 16 matches each. Following are the details of the PBKS vs DC Head to Head All Matches:

Date Winner Won by Venue
17-May-23 Delhi Capitals 15 runs Dharamsala
13-May-23 Punjab Kings 31 runs Delhi
16-May-22 Delhi Capitals 17 Runs Mumbai
20-Apr-22 Delhi Capitals 9 Wickets Mumbai
02-May-21 Delhi Capitals 7 Wickets Ahmedabad
18-Apr-21 Delhi Capitals 6 Wickets Mumbai
20-Oct-20 Punjab Kings* 5 Wickets Dubai
20-Sep-20 Delhi Capitals Super Over Dubai
20-Apr-19 Delhi Capitals 5 Wickets Delhi
01-Apr-19 Punjab Kings* 14 Runs Mohali
23-Apr-18 Punjab Kings* 4 Runs Delhi
08-Apr-18 Punjab Kings* 6 Wickets Mohali
30-Apr-17 Punjab Kings* 10 Wickets Mohali
15-Apr-17 Delhi Daredevils 51 Runs Delhi
06-May-16 Punjab Kings* 9 Runs Mohali
14-Apr-16 Delhi Daredevils 8 Wickets Delhi
30-Apr-15 Delhi Daredevils 9 Wickets Delhi
14-Apr-15 Delhi Daredevils 5 Wickets Pune
24-May-14 Punjab Kings* 7 Wickets Mohali
18-May-14 Punjab Kings* 4 Wickets Delhi
15-May-13 Punjab Kings* 7 Runs Dharamsala
22-Apr-13 Punjab Kings* 5 Wickets Delhi
18-May-12 Delhi Daredevils 6 Wickets Dharamsala
14-May-12 Delhi Daredevils 5 Wickets Delhi
14-May-11 Punjab Kings* 29 Runs Dharamsala
22-Apr-11 Delhi Daredevils 29 Runs Delhi
10-Apr-10 Punjab Kings* 7 Wickets Delhi
12-Mar-10 Delhi Daredevils 5 Wickets Mohali
14-May-09 Punjab Kings* 6 Wickets Bloemfontein
18-Apr-09 Delhi Daredevils 10 Wickets Cape Town
16-May-08 Punjab Kings* 6 Runs Delhi
26-Apr-08 Punjab Kings* 4 Wickets Mohali

* Earlier Kings XI Punjab

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