Report : “IPL will not happen this year” Update on IPL 2020 Amid Coronavirus

IPL cancelled amid corona virus
IPL cancelled amid corona virus

The out break of corona virus put the whole world to halt as it spread in a rapid way. Many major sports event has been postponed in order to avoid the crowd gathering. The most anticipated event Indian Premier League has been scheduled to start from March 29.

21 day lock down hits IPL execution

The cash rich league has been postponed to mid of April after the corona virus has been mentioned as “pandemic”. In order to maintain social distancing Indian government imposed a 21 day lock down. This precaution method has been taken to keep peoples in isolation thus the spread can be reduced proportionally.

Dreams of many has been scattered when the lock down announced as it coincide with the “postponed IPL” date. BCCI scheduled a conference call with the IPL owners and comes up with a decision to host the tournament at the end of April or at the beginning of May.

DDCA official regards IPL

BCCI is in search of all possible way to host the tournament as they would lose a huge amount if the IPL went down. Earlier a Delhi and District Cricket Association (DDCA) official, also confirmed the same and said “All IPL related work was stopped in mid-March. Only the construction of VIP boxes was underway when this coronavirus pandemic forced us to go on a work-from-home. We were already told not to hold IPL-related work till April 15. 

DDCA on IPL execution

IPL franchise too lose hope

With the chances of IPL 2020 looking very grim, “We are not even discussing IPL right now. It will be premature to say anything but hosting the IPL this year looks a bit difficult,” a top franchise official told Hindustan Times.

IPL 2020 will not happen this year

In a recent interview with The Indian Express, a source in privy to the BCCI announced the a fore mentioned development. The source also mentioned that the mega auction, which was slated to happen before IPL 2021, will also be postponed for at least a year.

“IPL will not happen this year. It will now happen next year. We all know how the situation is at the moment in the country and no one will take any risk.


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