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Highest Individual Score in IPL 2024 – Full List

Highest Individual Score in IPL 2024: A player will seek to score as many as runs possible to boost the team’s score in order to position their team in a better place for the second half.

During the process, many batters might enlist their name in the list of players with the most sixes or most fours of the season.

Even some batters will become the leading run scorer in the tournament. The much-awaited 17th edition of IPL will follow a Group stage and playoff format where a total of 74 matches will be played between 10 teams.

Highest Individual Score in IPL 2024

Marcus Stoinis scored the highest individual score in the IPL. Stoinis scored an unbeaten 124* off 63 deliveries against Chennai Super Kings in Chennai on April 23, 2024.

Player Runs Balls SR Team Opposition Ground
MP Stoinis 124* 63 196.82 LSG v CSK Chennai
V Kohli 113* 72 156.94 RCB v RR Jaipur
SP Narine 109 56 194.64 KKR v RR Eden Gardens
RD Gaikwad 108* 60 180 CSK v LSG Chennai
JM Bairstow 108* 48 225 Punjab Kings v KKR Eden Gardens
JC Buttler 107* 60 178.33 RR v KKR Eden Gardens
RG Sharma 105* 63 166.66 MI v CSK Wankhede
YBK Jaiswal 104* 60 173.33 RR v MI Jaipur
Shubman Gill 104 55 189.09 GT v CSK Ahmedabad
B Sai Sudharsan 103 51 201.96 GT v CSK Ahmedabad
SA Yadav 102* 51 200 MI v SRH Wankhede
TM Head 102 41 248.78 SRH v RCB Bengaluru
JC Buttler 100* 58 172.41 RR v RCB Jaipur
WG Jacks 100* 41 243.9 RCB v GT Ahmedabad
RD Gaikwad 98 54 181.48 CSK v SRH Chennai
V Kohli 92 47 195.74 RCB v Punjab Kings Dharamsala
Shubman Gill 89* 48 185.41 GT v Punjab Kings Ahmedabad
PD Salt 89* 47 189.36 KKR v LSG Eden Gardens
TM Head 89* 30 296.66 SRH v LSG Hyderabad
TM Head 89 32 278.12 SRH v DC Delhi
RR Pant 88* 43 204.65 DC v GT Delhi
SV Samson 86 46 186.95 RR v DC Delhi
SP Narine 85 39 217.94 KKR v DC Visakhapatnam
R Parag 84* 45 186.66 RR v DC Jaipur
B Sai Sudharsan 84* 49 171.42 GT v RCB Ahmedabad
J Fraser-McGurk 84 27 311.11 DC v MI Delhi
V Kohli 83* 59 140.67 RCB v KKR Bengaluru
KD Karthik 83 35 237.14 RCB v SRH Bengaluru
SV Samson 82* 52 157.69 RR v LSG Jaipur
KL Rahul 82 53 154.71 LSG v CSK Lucknow
Q de Kock 81 56 144.64 LSG v RCB Bengaluru
SP Narine 81 39 207.69 KKR v LSG Lucknow
H Klaasen 80* 34 235.29 SRH v MI Hyderabad
SA Yadav 78 53 147.16 MI v Punjab Kings Mullanpur
V Kohli 77 49 157.14 RCB v Punjab Kings Bengaluru
R Parag 77 49 157.14 RR v SRH Hyderabad
K Nitish Kumar Reddy 76* 42 180.95 SRH v RR Hyderabad
R Parag 76 48 158.33 RR v GT Jaipur
KL Rahul 76 48 158.33 LSG v RR Lucknow
Abhishek Sharma 75* 28 267.85 SRH v LSG Hyderabad
PD Salt 75 37 202.7 KKR v Punjab Kings Eden Gardens
N Pooran 75 29 258.62 LSG v MI Wankhede
Shubman Gill 72 44 163.63 GT v RR Jaipur
T Stubbs 71* 25 284 DC v MI Wankhede
SV Samson 71* 33 215.15 RR v LSG Lucknow
SP Narine 71 32 221.87 KKR v Punjab Kings Eden Gardens
Prabhsimran Singh 71 45 157.77 Punjab Kings v SRH Hyderabad
V Kohli 70* 44 159.09 RCB v GT Ahmedabad
S Dhawan 70 50 140 Punjab Kings v LSG Lucknow
VR Iyer 70 52 134.61 KKR v MI Wankhede
SV Samson 69 42 164.28 RR v RCB Jaipur
Ishan Kishan 69 34 202.94 MI v RCB Wankhede
RD Gaikwad 69 40 172.5 CSK v MI Wankhede
SV Samson 68* 38 178.94 RR v GT Jaipur
Shashank Singh 68* 28 242.85 Punjab Kings v KKR Eden Gardens
PD Salt 68 33 206.06 KKR v DC Eden Gardens
RG Sharma 68 38 178.94 MI v LSG Wankhede
RD Gaikwad 67* 58 115.51 CSK v KKR Chennai
H Klaasen 67 31 216.12 SRH v RCB Bengaluru
YBK Jaiswal 67 40 167.5 RR v SRH Hyderabad
S Dube 66* 38 173.68 CSK v MI Wankhede
PP Shaw 66 40 165 DC v MI Wankhede
S Dube 66 27 244.44 CSK v LSG Chennai
AR Patel 66 43 153.48 DC v GT Delhi
Abhishek Sharma 66 28 235.71 SRH v Punjab Kings Hyderabad
J Fraser-McGurk 65 18 361.11 DC v SRH Delhi
NT Tilak Varma 65 45 144.44 MI v RR Jaipur
B Sai Sudharsan 65 39 166.66 GT v DC Delhi
Abishek Porel 65 36 180.55 DC v RR Delhi
AD Russell 64* 25 256 KKR v SRH Eden Gardens
N Pooran 64* 41 156.09 LSG v RR Jaipur
NT Tilak Varma 64 34 188.23 MI v SRH Hyderabad
K Nitish Kumar Reddy 64 37 172.97 SRH v Punjab Kings Mullanpur
F du Plessis 64 23 278.26 RCB v GT Bengaluru
SM Curran 63* 41 153.65 Punjab Kings v RR Guwahati
SM Curran 63 47 134.04 Punjab Kings v DC Mullanpur
H Klaasen 63 29 217.24 SRH v KKR Eden Gardens
Abhishek Sharma 63 23 273.91 SRH v MI Hyderabad
NT Tilak Varma 63 32 196.87 MI v DC Delhi
DJ Mitchell 63 34 185.29 CSK v GT Ahmedabad
Naman Dhir 62* 28 221.42 MI v LSG Wankhede
TM Head 62 24 258.33 SRH v MI Hyderabad
F du Plessis 62 28 221.42 RCB v SRH Bengaluru
MP Stoinis 62 45 137.77 LSG v MI Lucknow
RD Gaikwad 62 48 129.16 CSK v Punjab Kings Chennai
Shashank Singh 61* 29 210.34 Punjab Kings v GT Ahmedabad
F du Plessis 61 40 152.5 RCB v MI Wankhede
AR Sharma 61 28 217.85 Punjab Kings v MI Mullanpur
RR Rossouw 61 27 225.92 Punjab Kings v RCB Dharamsala
N Pooran 61 27 225.92 LSG v DC Delhi
R Ravindra 61 37 164.86 CSK v RCB Bengaluru
Shahbaz Ahmed 59* 29 203.44 SRH v DC Delhi
Arshad Khan 58* 33 175.75 LSG v DC Delhi
SS Iyer 58* 24 241.66 KKR v SRH Ahmedabad
KL Rahul 58 44 131.81 LSG v RR Jaipur
MP Stoinis 58 43 134.88 LSG v GT Lucknow
M Shahrukh Khan 58 30 193.33 GT v RCB Ahmedabad
TM Head 58 44 131.81 SRH v RR Hyderabad
Abishek Porel 58 33 175.75 DC v LSG Delhi
RA Jadeja 57* 40 142.5 CSK v LSG Lucknow

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IPL 2024 New Rules

Ahead of the IPL 2024 season, BCCI has made noticeable changes in their rule book including a hike in uncapped players’ salaries and allowing a couple of bouncers in an over.

Check out the full updated IPL 2024 Rules below:

  • BCCI introduced a change in the salary of the Uncapped Indian players. As per the BCCI’s new plan, the uncapped Indians who play international cricket between IPLs will receive a hike in their IPL salary.
    • Prior to the start of any Season, the League Fee payable to any player who is uncapped is less than Rs. 50 Lakhs; and
    • Such player is then capped or achieves 5 or 10 Caps at any time during the period from the end of one Season up to the start of the next Season.
    • The League Fee payable to such Player for such next season and any subsequent season if such player’s contract is extended by the relevant franchise shall be Rs. 50 Lakhs for so long as such player has 1 Cap, Rs. 75 Lakhs for so long as such player has 5-9 Caps and Rs. 1 crore if the player has 10 Caps or more; and
    • If such player is subsequently traded then prior to such trade his League Fee shall be deemed to be determined under paragraph (c) above.
    • It is clarified that for the purposes of calculating the Salary Cap, if the player is traded, then any increase in a player’s League Fee will apply to the new franchise’s Salary Cap.
    • However, if the player remains with the existing team, then such an increase will not affect the Franchisee’s Salary Cap and the Salary Cap will remain the same as it was before the increase in Player’s League Fee.
  • BCCI included the “Smart Replay System” in the IPL 2024 season for quicker and more accurate reviews.
  • For the first time in the IPL, bowlers can bowl two bounces in an over in IPL 2024.
  • The IPL 2024 season will also retain the Impact Player Rule which was introduced in IPL 2023.
  • Team captains can walk in with 2 different team sheets before handling their final playing 11 after the toss.
    • Depending on the toss result, the teams can pick their best 11 after the toss. But till last season, the captains had to exchange the teams before the toss.
    • For Example: If team A wants to bat first and then defend a total on a slow track in turning conditions and is forced to bowl first they can pick the playing 11 with an extra spinner in the starting 11 and then they can replace a specialist bowler with a batter in the second innings to help with the run-chase.
    • BCCI introduced this rule in the 2023 edition to bring down the motto of “win toss, win match” in certain conditions.
  • IPL 2024 will have two DRS for each inning.
  • Players can take reviews for wides and no-balls in IPL
  • Upon a catch dismissal, irrespective of whether the batsmen have crossed or not the incoming batsman will take the strike, except if it’s the last ball of the over
  • If any team fails to find their playing XI due to COVID-19, the BCCI will attempt to reschedule the game later in the IPL 2024.
  • If rescheduling won’t be possible then IPL Technical Team will see the matter.
  • In Playoffs/Final: If Super Over or subsequent Super Overs can’t be completed due to some reason then the team that has finished higher in the league will be declared as the winner.
  • Over rate penalty of only four fielders outside the 30-yard circle for every over not completed in the allocated time.
  • Unfair movement of the wicketkeeper will result in a dead ball and 5 penalty runs.
  • Unfair movement by a fielder will result in a dead ball and 5 penalty runs
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