IPL 2021: Dhoni Opens up on the Process of CSK’s Team Selection


Mahendra Singh Dhoni , the former captain of the Indian cricket team and the leader of the three-time champions in Chennai Super Kings, has been trying to let the world know that he remains far away from things like team selection at the time of auctions and trade deadlines.

Dhoni on CSK’s team selection

So, when Robin Uthappa was traded to CSK ahead of the mini-auction for the 14th edition of the Indian Premier League, ‘Captain Cool’ ended up calling his new teammate to let him know exactly the same.

“I want you to know that I didn’t make the decision about you coming in here. It was actually the decision of the leadership group, which involved the coaches and the CEO,” Uthappa revealed in a conversation with ESPNcricinfo how the former Indian skipper called him up to explain everything.

“The Super Kings breed security within the group, and when you do that, players will do anything for you because they are not focusing on their own performance, they are focusing on trying to win games for you,” he added.


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In other words, Dhoni told Uthappa that the decision to bring him on board ahead of what many consider a swansong series for the skipper, was that of CSK’s team owners and the coaching staff completely based on merit, performance, and well-calculated analysis of his ability to contribute to the squad, while the idea of reuniting Dhoni and Uthappa had nothing to do with the captain himself.

However, no matter how much fans love Mahi the idea of Dhoni not having a say in team selection, especially in franchise cricket, just doesn’t settle in well with them:

The last time Uthappa and Dhoni joined forces was way back during the inaugural T20 World Cup in 2007 in which the latter was the captain and former, his teammate.

Playing a crucial role in India’s winning campaign at the tournament, Uthappa’s significant 50 against Pakistan made him the first Indian batsman ever to score a 50 in a T20I match. Uthappa also contributed with the ball as he delivered one of the three balls that hit the stumps and allowed India to win the match in a bowl out.


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