IPL 2022 Playoffs Chances – Qualification Scenarios For All Teams

IPL 2022 Playoffs Chances
IPL 2022 Playoffs Chances

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IPL 2022 Playoffs Chances with Qualification Scenarios: Out of 10 participating teams only the top 4 teams placed in the IPL 2022 points table will be qualified to play the IPL 2022 playoff which decides the final match playing teams.

After a decade BCCI decides to host the IPL with a total of 10 teams. BCCI introduced new rules and format for the IPL 2022 where the teams are divided into 5 teams of two groups.

The IPL 2022 playoffs will be played between May 24-27 with the final match on May 29. Eden Gardens will host Qualifier 1 and Eliminator on May 24 and May 26 respectively. Ahmedabad will host the Qualifier 2 and Final match on May 27 and May 29 respectively.

Following is the status of the 10 teams who were competing in the tournament for the IPL 2022 Playoffs:

Position Teams Status
1 Gujarat Titans Qualified
2 Lucknow Super Giants Qualified
3 Rajasthan Royals Qualified
4 Royal Challengers Bangalore Qualified
5 Delhi Capitals Eliminated
6 Sunrisers Hyderabad Eliminated
7 Punjab Kings Eliminated
8 Kolkata Knight Riders Eliminated
9 Chennai Super Kings Eliminated
10 Mumbai Indians Eliminated

IPL 2022 Playoffs Chances

In IPL 2011 where 10 teams locked their horns, the top 4 teams had a minimum of 16 points to qualify for the playoffs. Following are the details of the IPL 2011 playoffs qualified teams along with points and NRR.

  • RCB – 19 points(+0.326)
  • CSK – 18 points(+0.443)
  • MI – 18 points(+0.040)
  • KKR – 16 points(+0.433)

Chennai Super Kings

Chennai Super Kings are currently placed in 9th position of the IPL 2022 points table and are on verge of losing the playoffs qualification. CSK holds a unique record of appearing 11 times in IPL playoffs out of 12 seasons they played.

CSK Best Result: 1st(2010, 2011, 2018, 2021)

No. of times Qualified for Playoffs: 11 out of 12

Can CSK Qualify for IPL 2022 playoffs?

CSK becomes the second team to be Knocked out from IPL 2022 after Mumbai Indians. 

Delhi Capitals

Delhi Capitals who are still waiting to lift their maiden IPL trophy, struggle to show a consistent performance this season. Notably, Delhi Capitals have played 6 IPL playoffs out of 14 they appeared.

Rishabh Pant led Delhi Capitals so far won 5 games out of 10 they played and placed in the 5th position on IPL 2022 points table with 10 points.

Delhi Capitals Best Result: 2nd(2020)

No. of times Qualified for Playoff: 06 out of 14

Can Delhi Capitals Qualify for IPL 2022 playoff?


Gujarat Titans

One of the 2 new IPL teams – Gujarat Titans are playing their dream season in their maiden appearance. Hardik Pandya led Gujarat Titans holds the top position in the IPL 2022 points table with 16 points.

Can Gujarat Titans Qualify for IPL 2022 playoffs?

With a total point of 16, Gujarat Titans are nearly qualified for the playoffs. But technically they haven’t qualified as yet.

If Gujarat Titans lose all their matches from here, and if LSG, RR, SRH, DC, and RCB win all their matches; except for facing each other then there will be multiple teams ending with 16 points. In that scenario, NRR will come into the picture.


Kolkata Knight Riders

Shreyas Iyer-led KKR have won 4 matches out of 10 they played and have 8 points with an NRR of +0.060. KKR are currently placed in 7th position on the IPL 2022 points table.

After the defeat against Lucknow Super Giants on May 18, KKR Eliminated from the IPL 2022 playoff

KKR’s Best Result: 1st(2012, 2014)

No. of times Qualified for Playoffs: 7 out of 14

Can KKR Qualify for IPL 2022 playoffs?


Lucknow Super Giants

KL Rahul-led Lucknow Super Giants outperforms all the existing 8 old teams and holds the second position in the IPL 2022 points table next to Gujarat Titans. With a total of 14 points, Lucknow Super Giants maintains a positive run rate which is second highest in the top 5 teams on the points table.

Can Lucknow Qualify for IPL 2022 playoffs?


Mumbai Indians

The five times IPL trophy winners Mumbai Indians goes through one of their toughest phase in this IPL season. Mumbai Indians have lost their first 8 matches and won their 9th league match against Rajasthan Royals.

Mumbai Indians Best Result: 1st(2013, 2015, 2017, 2019, 2020)

No. of times Qualified for Playoffs: 9 out of 14

Can Mumbai Indians Qualify for IPL 2022 playoffs?

No, Mumbai Indians become the first team to knock out from the IPL 2022 season. Though Mumbai Indians missed this year’s playoff chances they will now play for Pride and as a spoilsport for the team others.

Punjab Kings

Mayank Agarwal led Punjab Kings is one among the many teams which struggle to give consistent performance in IPL 2022 season. Notably, Punjab Kings have never won an IPL trophy in their 14 long years of participation so far.

Punjab Kings is the only active team to have the lowest appearance in the IPL playoff so far.

Punjab Kings Best Result: 2nd(2014)

No. of times Qualified for Playoffs: 2 out of 14

Can Punjab Kings Qualify for IPL 2022 playoffs?


Rajasthan Royals

The inaugural edition winner Rajasthan Royals have won 6 games out of 10 they played so far in this season. Having finished at number 7 in 2021, it has been a great turnaround for RR with 12 points from 10 games so far.

Rajasthan Royals Best Result: 1st(2008)

No. of times Qualified for Playoffs: 4 out of 12

Can Rajasthan Royals Qualify for IPL 2022 playoffs?


Royal Challengers Bangalore

With a new captain leading the side, RCB makes an impressive start by winning 5 out of the first 7 matches. Though they lost 3 matches consecutively, they backed them up with a victory over CSK in their 11th league match.

Rajasthan Royals Best Result: 2nd(2009, 2011, 2016)

No. of times Qualified for Playoffs: 7 out of 14

Can RCB Qualify for IPL 2022 playoffs?


Sunrisers Hyderabad

After a lot of confusion in their last season, SHR came back strong this season and won 5 matches out of 9 they played so far. Though SRH started their IPL 2022 campaign with a back to back losses in their first two matches they then went on to win 5 matches consecutively.

SRH Best Result: 1st(2016)

No. of times Qualified for Playoffs: 6 out of 9

Can SRH Qualify for IPL 2022 playoffs?