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5 Bad Phases of Virat Kohli’s Career – Bad form

Virat Kohli is a cricket prodigy who tastes success at a young age. They begin their career in the cricket world very young with little experience of the natural world. His career may seem bright and excellent at a glance. But when we dive deeper, we find that Virat Kohli had his share of struggles too. All the problems in the “Virat Kohli career” seem to stem from his health and fitness. Here are the 5 Bad Phases of Virat Kohli Career.

The younger days

Virat Kohli was drafted into Royal Challengers Bangalore during the Indian Premiere League of 2008. However, the season did not go so well for him. At the end of the season, he had an average of 15 from 13 games. The once excited and eager young man that he once was got lost in the glamour of celebrity life. He struggled to keep up a good score in the matches, and his coach admonished him several times for not taking care of himself.

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Fitness and inconsistency

After Kohli’s introduction to IPL and the teams, he wanted to be “one of them.” He was a young man and had money from being signed onto RCB. He wanted to enjoy life, and so he did, at the parties that were organized almost every day. His fitness that could have been kept in check was ignored. Kohli, however, was also facing problems with inconsistency in his performance in the sport. Three and a half years later, in 2012, he was still struggling. But that year, his team had a great season, and Kohli, too, was in it. He became India’s highest run-getter in the Test series, and played well in all other matches.

Virat Kohli in Test Cricket

But in the IPL, his fitness standards could not keep up. He could not perform well, and RCB did not qualify for playoffs. It was then that he saw himself and returned to reality. He managed to turn his lifestyle and fitness around. He ate healthier, became healthier, and kept up with the fitness standards of an athlete.

Back-pain and overexertion

In 2018, before the Test series, he was to play county cricket for Surrey. But he was suffering from back pain. The doctors diagnosed him with a “herniated disc” or “slipped disc.” He was advised not to play the match if he wanted to play in the upcoming Test series.

His fitness regiment brought on Kohli’s back problem. He pushed his body beyond its limits, and this caused it to retaliate. The injury could have been avoided if he had not over-exerted himself during his fitness routines. However, since his 2012 turn-around, Kohli’s fitness has stayed in focus, and this may have caused him not to see his limitations.

Going through a “lean phase”

Netizens of India are comparing Kohli’s current “lean phase” to that of Sachin Tendulkar back in the early 2000s.

Kohli has made a point of remaining consistent, which is another area he has focused on besides his fitness. His matches have always been good, jaw-dropping performances even. However, his performance has slowly dipped in the last year or two with no century to his name in that time. The previous century he hit was against Bangladesh at Eden Games. Furthermore, a forgettable saga happened between BCCI and Virat Kohli once he stepped down from T20i captaincy, then selectors decided that there can be only one limited overs captain. Soon after all this, in few months, he stepped down from test captain as well.

Recurring back problems

Kohli recently suffered from a back spasm that kept him out of the second Test against South Africa. There has been speculation that this was a recurrence of his herniated disc problem from 2018.

A back spasm is caused by either injury or overuse of the muscle. It is a sudden tightness of the back muscles accompanied by pain in the back. Virat Kohli has a reputation as being obsessed with fitness. So it is possible that he pushed his limits and hurt his back in the process.

Kohli back spasm issue

At present, there has been much discussion of his inconsistency in the matches, virat kohli’s bad form, and perhaps his poor luck. This has led people to speculate on whether he may be dropped soon. Sourav Ganguly, Gautam Gambhir, and many other legendary players have been dropped because of their bad form. This may mean that there is a possibility of Kohli being dropped if his performance does not improve soon.

With all these speculations, it is essential to remember the facts. Kohli’s health may be suffering, and this may have caused his inconsistency in the past seasons. With this, his reputation off-field is also surrounded by problems and controversy. So should he be dropped or given chances to become better both on-field and off-field? Many netizens and sports experts have been mulling over this question with no verdict yet.

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