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Does Cricket Need Successful Cricket Game to Improve Its Global Profile?

In comparison to other popular sports, cricket always seems to get left out of the spotlight somewhat in favour of other options like soccer or the NFL, and this is incredibly detrimental in more ways than just one. One of the main reasons that often gets brought up when it comes to cricket’s relative obscurity is that of its lack of popular games, and this common suspicion might just be onto something.

In this article, we are going to be taking a look at whether or not a successful cricket game could give cricket the boost it needs to improve its global profile, as well as going through a couple of reasons why sports video games might not be able to have as big of an impact as you would think.

Successful Cricket Game Don’t Have Nearly As Much Of An Impact As You Would Think

Take a second to think about some of the most successful sports games in the industry. Series like FIFA, NBA2K, and Madden are all widely successful game franchises, and there is no doubt that they have brought their respective sports a ton of notoriety.

However, one underlying similarity that all of these games possess is that the sport they are based around was in the mainstream eye in the first place. Football, basketball, and soccer have always been the staple sports of the western world, and the fact that they all have successful video games based around them says more about the sport rather than the game.

To see evidence of this, look no further than cricket itself. There are a ton of great cricket games out there, most of which are made with a similar quality to that of FIFA or NBA2K. This means that the success of sports games and sports are likely intertwined, and the popularity of a sports game has a direct correlation to its real-life success.

This exact same phenomenon will be more than familiar to those of you who play teen patti or any other less well-known online game based on a real-life game – the success of sports games is almost directly correlated with their real-life counterparts, and this can be seen with virtually any sport you can imagine.

It Would Be a Step In The Right Direction

Despite what you may think, the popularity of cricket manages to trump most other popular sports, and it is actually one of the most watched sports in the world. However, this is mainly due to cricket’s popularity throughout huge nations like India.

Cricket certainly could use a boost when it comes to its popularity in the western hemisphere, and what better way to do this through the format of an exemplary cricket game?

A popular cricket game would undoubtedly have a substantial effect on its notoriety throughout western countries, and in these parameters, a successful cricket game certainly could make a huge difference.

So, what kind of an impact do you think a successful cricket game could have on cricket’s overall popularity? Do you think a successful cricket game could push cricket into the realm of other popular sports like football or basketball, or do you think a cricket game would make very little difference in its overall popularity?

Whatever your opinion may be; you may just be right. The only way to know for sure what would happen if a popular cricket game broke out into the market would be for it to actually happen, and as things look now, this isn’t looking all too likely. See you in the next one.

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