T20 World Cup 2022 New Rules All You Need to Know

T20 World Cup 2022 Rules
T20 World Cup 2022 Rules

T20 World Cup 2022 New Rules: The ICC T20 World Cup 2022 is scheduled to play in Australia from 16 October to 13 November 2022. The eigth edition of the tournament will be played across Adelaide, Brisbane, Geelong, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

The semi-finals would take place at the Sydney Cricket Ground and the Adelaide Oval, with the final match of the tournament set to take place at the Melbourne Cricket Ground

T20 World Cup 2022 Rules

Afghanistan, Australia, Bangladesh, England, India, Pakistan, New Zealand and South Africa all qualified directly for the Super 12 phase of this tournament, based on their performances in the 2021 tournament and their rankings as of 15 November 2021.

Namibia, Scotland, Sri Lanka, and the West Indies were all placed in the group stage of the competition. The remaining four places came from the top two teams from each of the two Global Qualifiers.

t20 wc 2021 winner
Australia won the T20 World Cup 2021 trophy

T20 World Cup 2022 New Rules

  • Batters returning when caught – When a batter is out Caught, the new batter will come in at the striker end, regardless of whether the batters crossed prior to the catch being taken.
  • Permanent ban of use of saliva to polish the ball – This prohibition has been in place for over two years in international cricket as a Covid-related temporary measure and it is considered appropriate for the ban to be made permanent.
  • Running out the non-striker – Popularly known as “MANKAD” have moved from the unfair play section to the runouts category and will be legal now.
  • Unfair movement by the fielding side – Any unfair and deliberate movement while the bowler is running in to the bowl could now result in the umpire awarding five penalty runs to the batting side, in addition to a call of Dead ball.
  • Bowler throwing towards striker’s end before delivery –  Previously, a bowler who saw the batter advancing down the wicket before entering their delivery stride, could throw the ball to attempt to Run out the striker. This practice will now be called a Dead ball.
  • Striker’s right to play the ball – This is restricted so as to require some part of their bat or person to remain within the pitch. Should they venture beyond that, the umpire will call and signal Dead ball. Any ball which would force the batter to leave the pitch will also be called No ball.

T20 World Cup 2022 Rules – Existing 

  • All teams will have 15-member squads.
  • Each team will get 20 overs each to bat.
  • Each bowler can bowl a maximum of four overs in T20 World Cup matches.
  • All general rules of cricket for bowling will be applicable.
  • There is a mandatory powerplay of six overs at the start of the innings.
  • There will be field restrictions in the powerplay. A maximum of two fielders can field outside the 30-yard circle in the first six overs.
  • After the first six overs, teams can place upto five fielders outside the 30-yard circle.
  • For the first time, T20 World Cup will have concussion substitution. If a player has suffered a concussion, he can be replaced with a like-for-like player.
  • If the ball goes to stands, it will be replaced instead of just sanitized.
  • Both semifinals and finals will have a reserve day each.
  • Tiebreaker: For the first time, if a match is tied in super over, continuous super overs will be played until there is a result.
  • The ICC T20 World Cup 2022 will be the first edition of the tournament to feature the use of the Decision Review System(DRS).

 T20 World Cup 2022 Rules – Qualification 

  • Eights teams in the qualifying round will be divided into two groups.
  • All teams will play intra-group matches against other teams once.
  • Top two teams from both groups will qualify for the Super 12 round.

 T20 World Cup 2022 Rules – Super 12 

  • Four teams from the qualifying round will join the eight teams who were already divided into two groups of 4 teams.
  • Winner of Group A and runner-up of Group B will be added to Group 1.
  • Winner of Group B and runner-up of Group A will be added to Group 2.
  • The top two teams from each group will qualify for the semifinals.

 T20 World Cup 2022 Rules – Semifinals

  • The top four teams of the ICC T20 World Cup Points Table will compete in two semifinals, with winners advancing to the final.
  • Winner of Group 1 will play against the runner-up of Group 2.
  • Winner of Group 2 will play against the runner-up of Group 1.

 T20 World Cup 2022 Rules – Finals

  • The winners of the two semifinals match will lock their horns to play the finals of the ICC T20 World Cup 2022.
  • The team with the most runs in the final match will be crowned the ICC T20 World Cup winners.

T20 World Cup 2022 Points Table Rules

The rules for T20 World Cup 2022 Points Table – Every team playing the T20 WC 2022 will look to end up in the top two positions on the points table of their group. This rule remains the same for both Round 1 and the Super 12 stages.

There are some pretty basic rules for earning points in the T20 World Cup 2022.

  • A team gets 2 points for a win.
  • A team gets 1 point in case the game is abandoned, tied, or ends abruptly as No Result.
  • A team gets 0 points in case of a loss.

The T20 World Cup standings will decide which teams get knocked out after Round 1 and the Super 12 stage and which teams play whom in the next stage.

ICC T20 World Cup Winners List

The first-ever T20 world cup was hosted by South Africa where India took the maiden trophy under MS Dhoni’s captaincy. Look at the T20 WC winner’s list till date:

India wins T20 world cup in 2007
India wins the T20 world cup in 2007
Year Winner Runners Up Host Finals Venue
2007 India Pakistan South Africa
Wanderers Stadium, Johannesburg
2009 Pakistan Sri Lanka England Lord’s, London
2010 England Australia West Indies
Kensington Oval, Bridgetown
2012 West Indies Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
R. Premadasa Stadium
2014 Sri Lanka India Bangladesh
Sher-e-Bangla National Stadium, Dhaka
2016 West Indies England India
Eden Gardens, Kolkata
2021 Australia New Zealand Oman & UAE
Dubai International Stadium, Dubai
2022 Australia