Virat Won the Best Fielder Award For the IND vs AUS World Cup 2023 Match

Virat Won the Best Fielder Award For the IND vs AUS World Cup 2023 Match
Virat Won the Best Fielder Award For the IND vs AUS World Cup 2023 Match(Image: BCCI)

Backing up and praising the team members is one of the well-known qualities of the Indian cricket team. Team India is least known for the dressing room brawl during their worst performances and also well known for their celebration after their best performances.

Virat Won the Best Fielder Award For the IND vs AUS World Cup 2023 Match

A beautiful moment of celebration has been shared by the BCCI media right after their victory in the first game of the ODI World Cup 2023.

As per the World Cup 2023 schedule, two-time World Cup-winning team India will play their first game against Australia on October 8 at Chidambaram, Chennai.

It will be the first time the competition is held entirely in India; three previous editions were partially hosted there – 1987, 1996, and 2011.

As of the previous edition, the 2023 edition will also follow the same format where each participating team will play the other nine teams once in the group stage where a total of 45 group matches will be played. The top 4 teams of the ICC ODI World Cup points table will enter the knockout stage to play semifinal 1 and semifinal 2.

During their first game of the tournament, India made an excellent bowling performance and bagged all 10 wickets of the opponents for 199 runs. But the Indian batting unit failed to make an impressive start, where the Indian top 3 players lost their wickets without scoring a single run.

Then chase master Kohli took the responsibility and started to build a partnership with KL Rahul. The duo made a steady inning and led the team to the victory. Apart from batting, Kohli executed an impressive fielding performance which included a couple of catches.

Post the match, Indian head coach Rahul Dravid made a small talk during their celebration in the dressing room and said “A little change in the way we do things. So Dilip is going to hand out his, fielding medal so it is over to you”.

Indian Fielding coach T Dilip started by saying “Firstly, at last, we got this because we’ve been telling everyone that the best fielder of the match and all. At last, we got some award. I think in today’s game, it’s an outstanding diving and outstanding defence”.

“Nothing yet last but not least, Shreyas was outstanding with two catches. But something we keep speaking in our team is about consistency. Just not about one catch. One thing overall as I think intensity and backing up”.

“It’s not only doing your job but also making sure that you encourage and keep the right fielders at the right place. I think this one goes to Virat”, he added.

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Following the first victory, India managed to move to the 5th spot in the ODI World Cup 2023 points table. India will play their next game of the tournament against Afghanistan on October 11 at Arun Jaitley Stadium, Delhi.