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USA Cricket Board in Edge of Suspension; ICC Calls for Reform in Board Operations

The USA Cricket Board has been warned by the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee and the International Cricket Council after the termination of CEO Dr. Noor Murad.

USA Cricket Board in Edge of Suspension

The USA Cricket Board is on the Verge of Suspension as they terminated the ICC proposed Noor Murad from the CEO position. USOPC and ICC have shown strong disapproval of the organization’s affairs.

According to the sources, USOPC has sent a letter slamming the USA Cricket Board for the present state of affairs. Following a board meeting in March, the ICC issues a direct warning to USA Cricket, urging them to address internal issues.

It was highly suggested to issue a suspension to the board, but considering the upcoming Men’s T20 World Cup 2024 in June, it was postponed until the completion of the tournament.

An unknown source has highlighted the internal struggles inside the USA Cricket Board and prioritized personal agendas over the organization’s growth.

“They feel that they should be very much involved in the day-to-day activities and operations. So when they are running operations, there is some personal element involved. That’s why it’s never growing (cricket). They are spending a lot of money to be elected to that specific position.”

“So, they feel that this is their right to run the operations for certain reasons just to support their own people and get them appointed to the various committees in the board. They don’t understand or do not want to understand the dynamic of the board or the line between the board and administration.” added the source.

Noor Murad has struggled to bring positive change to the Board and attempted to appoint qualified personnel for various roles such as a Director of Domestic Cricket and a Finance Manager, was reportedly had resistance.

His proposal on initiatives, including a November National T20 tournament, strength and Conditioning programs, and bilateral matches against other member nations were rejected by the cricket committee.

His vision for improved umpiring and coaching structures also faces opposition. The issue escalated when development officer Jamier Paul Lloyd, Women’s Coordinator Julie Abbot, and strength and conditioning coach Burt Cockley were terminated a couple of months ahead of the Men’s T20 World Cup.

The 9th edition of the T20 World Cup is set to begin in June. As Per IPL 2024 schedule, USA will be playing in the first match of the campaign against Canada on June 01 at Grand Prairie Stadium.

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