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Jonty Rhodes gets Slammed for Rude Response ‘Get a Life’ to LSG Fan

Lucknow Super Giants coach Jonty Rhodes was slammed for writing an unexpected reply to LSG fan after the fan asked for a signed jersey.

Jonty Rhodes Slammed for Rude Response to LSG Fan

Many interesting moments have been captured in the ongoing IPL 2024 season. Like the return of Rishabh Pant from an accident and the return of KL Rahul after surgery, many controversial incidents also happened. Among them was the LSG’s coach Jonty Rhodes got into an incident for giving a harsh reply to a fan.

The South African great Jonty Rhodes, was caught in a situation after a message posted by him on X which turned against him from the audience in the wrong way.

Rhodes handed writing to LSG fan who asked for a signed jersey. After requesting it for 10 straight days, the LSG coach broke the silence by putting up a statement that was not expected by the fans.

“Brother, get a life. Many thanks for the support, we appreciate it. But wow, come on…” replied Rhodes.

The original message posted by the fan is now deleted, although he did go on a rant to create quite the fuss about Rhodes’ reply. While many came to Rhodes’ support, his reply was labeled as ‘shameful’.

“Please tell me where I said you are jobless? Don’t tag me in your countdown, if you don’t want an honest response. I have spent time with acid attack survivors at Sheroes Hangout, here in Lucknow.”

“These incredible young women have to wait between 5-7yrs before the perpetrators of these terrible atrocities even get to court to face justice.”

“These ladies, I have lots of time for, as they ask for nothing, other than for us to see them as people, who can still contribute to society. They are on day 1500, and still counting, so think about their countdown, before making an issue about yours. However, I am sorry if I offended you,” Rhodes tweeted.

However, The fan himself went on to post several replies explaining his side of the incident.

“Did this just as a fan. A lot of people do it. Didn’t expect this kind of reply. I asked for a signed jersey from LSG for 10 days straight. Just asked for it as a fan; there was no need to be this rude man.”

“If you don’t wanna give, don’t, I am not dying for it. And try and learn how to speak to fans and if you can’t at least don’t insult! Never expected such language from you @JontyRhodes8,” he said.

“He could have just replied normally. I tweeted as a fan and I didn’t abuse or spread hatred anywhere. If I can’t tweet for my favorite team to reply to me, and the team’s coach feels cheering for them is being jobless then I have lost all respect for him. Won’t cheer for LSG anymore.”

Coming to the tournament, LSG has secured third position in the IPL 2024 points table. Lucknow Super Giants will be playing their next match against Delhi Capitals on April 12 at Ekana Sports City, Lucknow.

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