ICC changes stumping rules in DRS Protocols

Alex Carey reveals DRS loophole

The International Cricket Council has implemented some changes in the Decision Review System (DRS) protocols in stumping rules which came into effect on December 12, 2023.

ICC changes stumping rules in DRS Protocols

The International Cricket Council has made a significant change in playing conditions. According to the changes, only umpires will assess the side-on replays for stumping without considering the caught-behind scenario during the Decision Review System (DRS) referrals.

In Australia’s India tour last year, the Australian wicketkeeper Alex Carey widely used review for caught-behind after a stumping without using the team’s DRS option.

Now, the appeal for stumping will only display images only the side-on camera and only Umpires will consider whether to use them or not.

“The change confines a stumping review to only check for stumped, therefore preventing the fielding team a free review for other modes of dismissal (i.e, caught behind) without choosing a player review,” read ICC’s new amendment.

The International Cricket Council has also brought in more clarity in replacement rules. Now the substitute player will not be permitted to bowl if the replaced player was suspended from bowling at the time of the concussion.

The global governing body also has limited to four minutes the time set for on-field injury assessment and treatment.

On the other hand with these ICC rule changes, BCCI has also decided to continue the ‘Dead Ball’ and two bouncers per over rules that it implemented during last year’s Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy and Vijay Hazare Trophy in the Ranji Trophy beginning on Friday.