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“I think we will have some form of tournament this year” : Rajasthan Royals Owner Hints on IPL 2020

Due to the out break of corona virus the scheduled events has been paused and in oscillation for it’s execution. Earlier ICC announced to postpone the T20 world cup that scheduled to play later this year in Australia.

The cash rich Indian Premier League has been postponed to April 15 previously but the execution remains doubtful as Indian government imposed 21 day lock down in order to control the corona virus spread.

Previously Chennai Super Kings sent their players home from Chennai, where players starts their practice session for the IPL 2020.

Rajasthan Royals View on IPL 2020

Indian Premier League franchise Rajasthan Royals owner Manoj Badale has hinted at the possibility of a “shorter” IPL 2020 in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic.

“We have a number of calls as owners with the BCCI to talk about what those plans might be, but it is clearly going to be postponed and it is unclear at this stage whether or not it takes place later this year.

“The cricket calendar is so packed. There are very few gaps especially for a seven-week tournament, so I suspect even if a gap can be found, it would have to be a shorter tournament,” Badale was quoted as saying by BBC Worldservice.

During the conversation, Badale also threw light on a potential challenge involving many stakeholders in the government and overseas cricket boards if the IPL gets played later in the year.

“And the uniqueness of the IPL is it gets the very, very best around the world so it is not just a collaboration between the BCCI, the owners and the Indian government, you need the collaboration of the other cricket boards as well.

“Because what makes the IPL special is the presence of not just the Kohlis and the Dhonis, but also the Stokeses and the Warners and the Butlers,” Badale said.

Rajasthan Royals owner hints at shorter IPL 2020

With some countries sealing international borders, participation of overseas players will be another challenge in front of the BCCI. Being asked about the same, Badale opined on having an IPL with Indian players than not having the tournament at all.

“If it was a choice of no IPL or a domestic player-only IPL I would choose the latter. I think we will have some form of tournament this year. It will probably be a shortened tournament.

As long as people are prepared to be creative and as long as boards are prepared to work together collaboratively, it [IPL] is hugely important to the game of cricket. It is not just of importance to the Indians that the IPL takes place,” the RR owner added.

Touching upon the vital financial aspect of cricket’s biggest T20 league, Badale reflected on how the cancellation of the tournament will affect numerous people adversely which will include all of the players, organisers and the broadcasters.

“It is important for the whole game. It is economically [important] for some of the best players in the world. It is economically meaningful for the event organisers and for the broadcasters that participate.

“So, the trickle down effect of a tournament as big as the IPL not taking place in terms of its impact on more than just the players but [also] all the people whose livelihoods depend on it is pretty significant. So we have a responsibility to try and a find a way of playing it if we possibly can,” Badale concluded.


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