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“Public and Player Safety is the Priority”: BCCI Still Hopes to Host IPL

Postponed IPL due to corona

Due to the increase in corona virus spread many suggest to stay isolate in order to avoid the spread. The cash-rich Indian Premier League has been postponed to mid of April amid corona virus pandemic. Earlier IPL franchise agreed to play the tournament behind the closed door with a condition where they request foreign players to get involve in the game.

BCCI announced to host the IPL on April 15 but also hints that the tournament would cancelled if it cross the deadline (April 15). On March 16 IPL owners had a conference call and announced that they could bear the lose if the tournament get cancelled. If the tournament get cancelled the BCCI is in verge to lose a huge amount  in order to avoid the loss BCCI search for the possible way to host IPL.

IPL owners Conference call

On March 24( Monday) BCCI planned to hold a conference call along with IPL franchise regarding the schedule of the tournament. After the conference call a BCCI official has stated that BCCI might organise the tournament if the situation permits it by 30 April or even by the first week of May 2020.

The latest we can wait is till the end of April. If the first game isn’t played by the first week of May then it will be almost impossible to have the league this year. Even if we have to wait until the end of April to follow all the procedures, we can take a cue from the South Africa edition and conduct the league successfully.

IPL franchise had a conference call on March 24
IPL franchise had a conference call on March 24

BCCI hopes to host IPL

“If you remember, that was the shortest IPL with 59 games played over 37 days and we can do the same. But certain measures will have to be taken,” the official was quoted as saying by News18.

The official also added that BCCI might do away with a lot of stadiums to avoid the travelling time. In such case Maharashtra can be a good option as it has three fully functional Cricket grounds.

“You cannot travel around the country in such a scenario. If we get the necessary permissions, we will have to stick to a place like Maharashtra where we have three stadiums in Mumbai and a stadium in Pune. I am sure this will then help us ensure that teams not only get fresh wickets to play but also there is minimal travel involved.

But before that, the government must deem it fit to organise tournaments. Public and player safety is the priority as the BCCI President has time and again said,” the official elaborated.

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