How to Play IPL Fantasy League 2022? New Rules and Tips

IPL Fantasy League 2022
IPL Fantasy League 2022

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IPL Fantasy League 2022, It’s actually a virtual game where users can create their own playing XI team virtually to compete with other users.

In the last few years, these Fantasy League had become an integral part of cricket. Be it a domestic T20 series such as IPL and Big Bash or even international cricket matches — creating your own team based on recent player performances has become a routine for cricket lovers.

IPL Fantasy League is where all the cricketing experts and cricket enjoying fans come up with their own IPL predictions and find themselves to be a part of the ongoing action.

Winning fantasy cricket is not as easy as you think. You will be lucky by selecting a few in-form players. On other hand you cannot highly rely on your own luck as you need more than fate to win big.

It is all about selecting the perfect XI players for the every match who have the best chance of doing well to increase your fantasy points tally.

What are the Platforms to play IPL Fantasy League?

Though IPL official site on joining hands with Dream11 provided an authenticate platform to get part in the fantasy league still there are various sites that promote the same.

  • Dream11 IPL Fantasy League
  • Paytm First Game
  • Crix11
  • MPL(Mobile Premier League) IPL Fantasy League
  • My11Circle IPL Fantasy
  • PlayerzPot IPL Fantasy
  • MyTeam11 Fantasy
  • FanFight IPL Fantasy
  • Halaplay IPL Fantasy League
  • Sixer IPL Fantasy League

*We do not recommend or promote the above sites. The user has to understand the terms and conditions before using them.

How to download the Dream11 Mobile application?

As an Indian user, you can not find the Dream11 app in the Google play store. To get the mobile application download link you need to enter your mobile number here.

How IPL fantasy team earns Fantasy points

Type of Points T20
Being a part of the starting XI 4
Every run scored 1
Every wicket taken (excluding run out) 25
Catch taken 8
Caught & Bowled 33
Stumping/ Run Out (direct) 12
Run Out (Thrower/Catcher) 6/6
Dismissal for a Duck (only for batsmen, wicket-keepers, and all-rounders) -2


Bonus Points

Type of Points T20
Every boundary hit 1
Every six-hit 2
Half-Century (50 runs scored by a batsman in a single inning) 8
Century (100 runs scored by a batsman in a single inning) 16
Maiden Over 8
4 wickets 8
5 wickets 16


Economy Rate

Type of Points T20
Minimum overs bowled by player to be applicable 2 overs
Between 6 and 5 runs per over 2
Between 4.99 and 4 runs per over 4
Below 4 runs per over 6
Between 9 and 10 runs per over -2
Between 10.01 and 11 runs per over -4
Above 11 runs per over -6


Strike Rate (except Bowlers)

Type of Points T20
Minimum balls faced by a player to be applicable 10 balls
Between 60 and 70 runs per 100 balls -2
Between 50 and 59.99 runs per 100 balls -4
Below 50 runs per 100 balls -6


How to register in Dream11 IPL Fantasy League 2022?

Though there are a number of platforms to play the IPL Fantasy League “Dream11 IPL Fantasy League” is one of the widely used platforms across cricket. Following are the steps for the registration in the Dream11 IPL Fantasy League.

  • Log on to the Dream11 IPL Fantasy page
  • Register yourself by filling out a valid email id and setting a password or by clicking on ‘Instant Connect with Facebook’ to register with your Facebook account or ‘Instant Connect with Google’ to register with your Google account.
  • After you’re through with the registration, you can follow the simple starter guide, which will take you through the simple steps of creating your Dream11 IPL Fantasy Cricket Team and then joining Contests to win sponsored prizes.
  • Once you created the account you can able to update/edit your full name and mobile number. You can also edit your date of birth, address, and state. You should remember the team name you have chosen and also the registered email id cannot be changed once it’s done.

How to Play IPL Fantasy League 2022?

Once you registered and create your account in IPL Fantasy League 2022 follow these 4 easy steps to get started

  • Select A Match
  • Create Your Team
  • Join a Contest
  • Follow the Match

How to create a team in IPL Fantasy League?

Users can create various numbers of combinations of players to create a team. Though one can create a flexible team as their wish the IPL fantasy league imposed some rules in the team’s players selection.


IPL Fantasy League allows users to select a maximum of 4 wicket keeper players for their team.


IPL Fantasy League allows users to select a maximum of 3-6 batsmen as their wish.


IPL Fantasy League allows users to select a maximum of 3-6 bowlers for their Dream11 team.


IPL Fantasy League allows users to select a maximum of 1-4 all-rounders for their team.

Though fans can create a number of combination teams with the above details, our team recommends the following combination teams to get a leading position in the Dream11 Fantasy League. You can have a maximum of 4 overseas players in your team.

Every Dream11 team should contain 11 players in it which should be picked within the 100 credit points given. And also one can pick a maximum of seven players from a team.

Picking wicket-keeper more than one will cost the selected Dream11 team the most. So we recommend every team to include only one wicketkeeper which is mandatory.

And also picking the all-rounders plays a crucial role as they perform with both bat and ball. Following are the recommended combination for selecting the playing XI.

Player type Team 1 Team 2 Team 3 Team 4 Team 5 Team 6 Team 7
WK 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Bat 5 5 4 4 4 3 3
AR 2 1 1 2 3 2 3
Bowl 3 4 5 4 3 5 4
Total 11 11 11 11 11 11 11


After creating your Dream11 IPL fantasy team, choose a Captain & Vice Captain for the team wisely.

  • Captain – Gets 2x points scored by him in the actual game
  • Vice-Captain – Gets 1.5x points scored by him in the actual game

Does the User allow to Create Multiple Teams?

Yes, users can create multiple teams in the Dream11 IPL Fantasy League. Users can create upto 11 teams per match and choose to join the contest with 1 or multiple of the teams created.

Can we Change the Team Created in IPL Fantasy League?

Yes, one can change the selected team until the deadline of that match. Fans mostly update their players once the team announces their playing XI for a particular match.

You can also change your Captain or Vice Captain before the deadline of the match.

How to Change the team in IPL Fantasy League?

Select the “Edit Team” button to make changes to your team.

What are the new Changes in the IPL Fantasy League in 2022?

IPL has launched the official fantasy league powered by Dream11 already and they have made some changes to enhance the fantasy experience.

There will be a total of 110 transfers for matches 1 to 56. For Qualifier 1, there will be unlimited transfers. 10 new transfers will be given for the remaining playoff matches. Check here if you want to know about IPL Mid-Season Transfer

Free uncapped transfers

Free transfer of uncapped players was one of the major features in the IPL Fantasy, but with the new rule coming in, the free uncapped transfer will no longer be deducted from the total pool of transfers. This provides the fantasy participants a higher degree of flexibility in their teams. There are also lots of betting sites in India, but you should make sure you are investing in right place.


Double Up

By applying this booster before a match, we can earn double points for the match.

TIPS: Use this booster wisely, especially for high-scoring all-rounders in your team, at a high-scoring venue.

Super Transfer Booster

By using this booster, we can do a complete make-over to our team without losing any transfers.

TIPS: Using this booster for the first eliminator game in the playoffs could be a good strategy.

Triple Impact

By using this booster, we can score 3X points for a player in addition to your Captain (2X) and VC (1.5X).

TIPS: Use this 3X option for high-scoring all-rounders.

Match level transfers

Users can make changes to our teams before each game. But last season, during double-headers / two matches on a single day, we had to make all the changes to both the teams before the start of the first game.