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IPL 2020: “Okay” to Play Behind Closed Doors But with a Condition, insist IPL Franchise

The Indian Premier League will always create huge impact on players form. But this year due to the outbreak of corona virus the scheduled IPL matches expected to postponed. In addition to that Indian Government also imposed fresh visa restriction due to the corona virus out-break. According to the visa restriction involvement of foreign players in IPL becomes doubtful.

On behalf of this, Government has made it clear that the matches can be played behind the closed doors and the franchises are okay with the idea of the IPL being held with empty stands. The same rule has been imposed to the ongoing Road Safety World Series matches in India.  As World Health Organisation (WHO) declared the coronavirus outbreak a “pandemic”, there is no other option than to play the match behind closed doors.

“See, the gate money is no issue as these things are insured. As for the fans, it is disappointing, but we don’t really have much of an option as we have to abide by the diktat of the central government and even WHO has declared the outbreak a “pandemic”.

“This makes it clear that if we have to have an IPL this year, it has to be behind closed doors. So now, would we rather want an IPL where fans can watch the games on television or we don’t want an IPL in 2020? So, we are okay with that, but the BCCI must sit down and speak to the central government to make an exception and allow the foreign players to come in before April 15 as the IPL loses its sheen otherwise,” the official said.

The Officials also confirmed that IPL won’t postponed as rumoured. It is better to watch the IPL through broadcasting compared to never happened. This IPL set as a major platform for every players to get into the squad for the upcoming T20I world cup scheduled later this year.

“The international commitments that the players have cannot be toyed with and the host broadcasters have already made it clear that they are not too keen on double headers. So, keeping the interest of all parties in place, the best option is to have an IPL behind closed doors. The franchises will have to bear the loss that comes with merchandise sales, but that is a nominal amount as compared to the losses that will be incurred if the IPL doesn’t happen in 2020,” the official said.


Franchise demand

BCCI must ensure that at least the foreign players are handed permission as they are already touring around the world. BCCI have to make it clear after discussing with particular governmental departments said by an official of another franchise.

“See, the Proteas are already in the country, so as per the directive, they can easily stay back. Also, if you see, the Englishmen are already in Sri Lanka and the Kiwis are playing the Aussies in Australia, so they are anyway on the road. We just need the BCCI to sit down with the governmental departments and get us the clearance so that we can have the IPL with foreign players. The whole tournament will lose its charm if the foreign players are not there. It is the biggest cricket carnival in the world for a reason,” the official told IANS.

Union Sports Secretary Radhey Shyam Julaniya said that if a sports event is unavoidable and has to be organised, it should be done ensuring there is no public gathering. The spread of the virus can be possibly controlled when peoples avoid gathering in a particular spot.

“All national federations, including the BCCI, have been told to adhere to the guidelines and advisory issued by the ministry of health and public welfare. We have also told them to avoid any public gathering and if a sporting event has to be organised, it should be done without gathering of people.

“It is the state government who has to manage the crowd and who have the power under the epidemic diseases act (Epidemic Act of 1897). If it is unavoidable and it has to be organised, then they should do it without collecting the crowd,” he told IANS.

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