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Harsha Bhogle Talks About ‘Strange Couple Of Days’ After His Prediction Went Wrong

The famous cricket commentator Harsha Bhogle origin from India talks about being Trolled on Twitter after the Rajasthan Royals(RR) and Kings XI Punjab(KXIP) Dream11 IPL 2020 game.

Harsha Bhogle Trolled 

Harsha Bhogle is currently presiding in UAE to work in IPL 2020 commentator panel. After his prediction on Rahul Tewatia went wrong peoples start to troll him. Later Bhogle makes it to Twitter and says the story.

Twitter Post reads as follow

“I have had a strange couple of days at work. The day before yesterday, the 26th, I was at the ground doing commentary on the SRH vs KKR game and I thought I had an ordinary day. I got a couple of things wrong, the presentation went well but I came back to
my room unhappy”.

Yesterday, the 27th, I was very happy, I thought a lot of my observations on the RR vs Kings were correct, I thought we read the game pretty well on CricBuzz. There was a dramatic twist at the end but that happens in live sport.

Now here is what happened.

On the 26th, other than a couple of discerning viewers on twitter, no one picked up my mistakes, and if anything, I got quite a lot of “good to see you on the telecast” messages. But I didn’t sleep well.

Harsha Bhogle admits to getting “trolled” after prediction went wrong

Harsha Bhogle was one of the commentators in the high-scoring ninth game of the Dream11 IPL 2020 season between Rajasthan Royals(RR) and Kings XI Punjab(KXIP) on Sunday, September 27.

During Rajasthan’s run-chase, their all-rounder Rahul Tewatia got off to a sluggish start, scoring just 8 runs in his first 19 balls while chasing a target of 224. Harsha Bhogle, much like his co-commentators, pointed out Tewatia’s initial struggles of connecting his bat with ball.

However, the 27-year-old cricketer opened up his arms later and smacked some big sixes en route to his 31-ball 53. His next 12 balls yielded 45 runs as Rajasthan overhauled Punjab’s target with three balls to spare.

Rahul Tewatia
Rahul Tewatia

On the 27th, I was hugely trolled. I had said, “Feel for Tewatia but he is losing his team the match”. He was. Everyone felt so and the player himself said it was probably the worst 20 balls he has played. The twist that followed was remarkable, joyous but rare. I was
happy for him but I didn’t think I was wrong. I slept well.

It tells me you cannot forecast how things will be

happy for him but I didn’t think I was wrong. I slept well. It tells me you cannot forecast how things will be received. I would have found it perfectly understandable if I was criticised for those couple of mistakes on the 26th but I wasn’t. And I am bewildered
by the intensity of the outburst for what was a valid observation.

I think there is one other truth to this. On live television, the moment goes away and with it the mistake too. On social media it stays, it gets shared, it is delivered to you.

So, is digital already a more potent, more lasting opinion maker than live TV?

Yes, it has been an interesting couple of days.

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