5 Best Qualities of Dhoni in Cricket – You Can’t Replace

Best Qualities of Dhoni

As a batsman and captain, Dhoni has played so many crucial knocks. Though he doesn’t score centuries frequently, whenever he gets that start he goes on to play big innings. He is an emotional cricketer as well and sometimes his emotion gets the better part of him. But still, we love to see him in blue jersey. Let’s have a look at some of the best qualities of Dhoni in his exceptional career.

Qualities of Dhoni in his leadership

MS Dhoni is one of the greatest cricket players ever. He has led India in different positions and won many matches for his team. With his amazing captaincy, he has inspired all the players to perform well in their game.

Dhoni also holds a good record as a wicketkeeper-batsman and an occasional part-time bowler. He has played for Chennai Super Kings since 2008, winning two IPL titles with them along with a Champions League T20 title in 2013. As a keeper, Dhoni is known for making acrobatic stops on occasion while still being able to get rid of the ball quickly at other times; he is also known to have an above average arm which can throw down most catches within his reach but doesn’t often do so because of his preference for taking catches at chest level rather than flying around behind him as most keepers do when running across off stump towards leg side boundary line when shot taken outside off stump – this lack of follow through may be due concentration issues or simply preferring consistency over flashiness (or both).

Captain with three ICC limited over trophies
MS Dhoni led the Indian team to three ICC trophies including the 2007 ICC World Twenty20, 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup and 2013 ICC Champions Trophy. Photo Credit: ICC

MS Dhoni’s wicket-keeping skills

MS Dhoni is one of the most talented cricketers in India. He is known as a great wicket keeper, captain and batsman in cricket history. He has won many titles with his team Chennai Super Kings.

Dhoni is also a very good player who can play all kinds of shots such as leg side shots, off side shot etc..He has got power behind each ball he hits through mid on or mid wicket boundary. MS Dhoni used to lead his team Chennai Super Kings when they played against Mumbai Indians at Wankhede Stadium which was held on May 27th 2016 at Mumbai.

This match was very important for both teams because if Mumbai Indians win then their chance would have been better than CSK’s but if CSK wins then they have to face Kolkata Knight Riders in Qualifier 1 which was held on May 28th 2016 at Eden Gardens Stadium Kolkata where IPL final will be played between RCB vs DC vs DD vs SRH

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MS Dhoni’s batting skills

MS Dhoni is a great batsman, finisher, player and captain. He is also a great leader and human being. He has many masterstrokes in his cricket career that prove it. Let’s have a look at the best ones:

  • The helicopter shot against England in World T20 (2010). When Dhoni did this he had already played 100 balls for just 7 runs at that point but he didn’t give up and continued to play his shots. After hitting the ball over midwicket region with a full swing of bat, it looked like there was no way out of this situation but MS showed his class by flying it high above square leg region where no fielder could reach it thus completing an amazing six!

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MS Dhoni’s captaincy

MS Dhoni is a great captain, motivator, strategist and player. More than that he is a great human being and a role model for the kids in India and other countries as well. He has always been humble towards his opponents and has never shown any disrespect to them. The way he plays cricket with passion makes it look easy though it’s not at all easy to do what he does on the field.

Dhoni’s cricketing career started with an ordinary beginning when he was picked up by Jharkhand in 2000 as a wicketkeeper batsman but his talent soon got him noticed by Tamil Nadu.

Where. he played till 2006 before returning back to Jharkhand again in 2007 after which he played for Chennai Super Kings (CSK) until 2014 after which CSK was suspended due to spot fixing allegations but this didn’t stop them from coming back stronger than ever before because CSK won IPL 3 title under MS Dhoni’s captaincy; thus making him only second person along with Suresh Raina who have won both domestic titles as captain/coach respectively!

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MS Dhoni’s as Team player

Dhoni was a team player and his strength as a team player is still being felt by the players who have come after him. He is good at building teams, motivating them and coaching them. He has also been able to become a good strategist and leader in cricketing terms with the kind of captain he was.

He has been able to bring out the best from several Indian players through his captaincy skills. Dhoni himself said that he always wanted to be an all-rounder since childhood, but couldn’t make it happen because of lack of talent in batting and bowling departments.

Ashwin MS Dhoni
MS Dhoni listening to Ashwin. Photo Credit: BCCI.

A great communicator, Dhoni always ensured that every member of the team knew exactly what their roles were on field at any given point during gameplay – whether it was batting or bowling or fielding – so their performance could be maximized accordingly

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Qualities of Dhoni as best wicket keeper and best Indian captain

You must have seen him get out on the last ball of an innings. You must have seen him run himself out when he was batting well in the middle of his innings. But, what you don’t know is that this man has made many more mistakes than he has won matches with his sheer brilliance and super-human effort.

The fact that Dhoni is a great captain and plays at least 2-3 games every year apart from playing for Chennai Super Kings makes him one of the only players who can be called legends of Indian cricket.

He never puts up any excuses for his mistakes or failures and works hard to improve himself as a player every day, so we can say that MS Dhoni is definitely someone who deserves all our respect and love as he works hard towards making India a better team all over again!

MS Dhoni the man just like his name “Mahindra Singh Dhoni” is known for his calmness, composure and excellence. As you can see in this article that MSD has done great things in cricket and he has been a key player to win many matches.

His captaincy skills are top-notch and he had helped India to win all three ICC tournaments; World Cup 2011, T20 World Cup 2007 and Champions Trophy 2013. In these matches, he also did some masterstrokes which turned the match in favor of India.