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The sport of millions: Awkward Questions about Cricket

Cricket is a religion in nations with a population of around 2 billion people, despite the fact that it is practically unknown outside of the old British Empire. They’ve probably heard of Messi and may even know who Pele is. But Sachin Tendulkar and Ricky Ponting will live on in our hearts, and Virat Kohli and Joe Root will live on our Instagram feeds.

In India, ex-Captain Sachin Tendulkar enjoys a near-divine status. Imran Khan, the former captain of Pakistan’s national team, is currently the country’s prime minister. Former English captain Alistair Cook has been knighted by the British Queen, while Australia is minting coins with an image of the renowned Don Bradman.

And what if it rains?

This isn’t the only issue, though. Bees are also present.

The match has been postponed due to the weather. The field is covered, and sophisticated equipment pumps water from the grass and the pitch, the latter of which takes unique skills and time to prepare.

The game is declared inconclusive in one-day contests if the rain does not stop by the evening. However, if enough balls are played in the second half of the game, the outcome is determined by a sophisticated formula devised by English mathematician Tony Lewis.

It not only extrapolates the points previously earned but also considers the behavioral characteristics of one-day cricket, such as the fact that batsmen are more prone to dangerous and effective hits near the conclusion of the match, while bowlers, on the other hand, become exhausted.

Another cause to call a timeout is bees. It is fairly unusual for a swarm to attack the spot. The game is called off, everyone falls to the ground, and no one gets up until the bees lose interest and leave.

Why are they all in white, then multicolored? And the ball they have is red, then white?

The conventional white form is used for multi-day examinations. There’s also a red ball. This has been the case from the beginning of time.

Cricket Teams and questions

One-day matches, on the other hand, are already a form of national or club colors, with a white ball. That is why Red was abandoned.

Unlike tests, when the game ends at dark and resumes the next morning, one-day matches must be completed. To do so, one of cricket’s most vehement taboos – artificial illumination – was lifted.

In the glare of spotlights and against the backdrop of the night sky, the white ball is more noticeable than the red one.

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Why is an urn with ashes considered a shrine to cricket?

A small urn with ashes is the most famous trophy of world cricket. Two century-old opponents are fighting for him: the national teams of England and Australia.

Australia defeated England for the first time at its stadium in a test match in 1882, and the British press, mourning such a disgrace, proclaimed the “death of English cricket” followed by cremation and sending the ashes to Australia. Soon the England team followed, vowing to return the ashes to their homeland.

They won back on the road, and one Australian fan gave the English captain a terracotta perfume bottle the size of a palm.

According to legend, she filled an improvised urn with the ashes of burned bales – two small cylinders connecting the three pillars of the gate. When the wicket is knocked down, the bails cheerfully fly in different directions, and the batsman wanders dejectedly from the field to the pavilion, like a goalkeeper who missed a decisive penalty.

A year later, the English captain returned to Australia, and the heroes of this story got married.

Since then, the series of test matches between Australia and England has been called “The Ashes”. The next one will start on August 1 and last until mid-September. The British, inspired by the victory at the World Cup, hope that their native walls will help them to return this trophy as well.

The winner is considered the owner of the “Ashes”, although the urn itself is always kept in the temple of cricket – the museum of London “Lord’s”. So Adams’ alien robots didn’t have to wander around the Earth in search of treasure.

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