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Sachin Explains the Flaw did by Prithvi Shaw in the 1st Test vs Australia

Indian former cricketer Sachin Tendulkar highlights the flaw did by Prithvi Shaw in the 1st Test against Australia.

Sachin Highlights Prithvi Shaw’s Flaw

The much-expected young gun Shaw fails to prove his worth in the 1st Test and replaced by Gill in the 2nd Test against Australia. Shaw struggles to lock his place in the playing XI.

Regarding this legendary batsman, Sachin Tendulkar claims that the backlift performed by Prithvi Shaw is the major reason for the ball is sneaking through his defenses.

Prithvi Shaw and Gill
Prithvi Shaw and Gill

“With Prithvi, I feel it’s the backlift,” Tendulkar said on his YouTube channel. “I feel his hands are moving away from his body, and then coming in. So, it’s a scoop, rather than a pendulum or a cradle, which goes in a straight line.

But what is happening because his hands are away and then he’s coming down it’s coming down straight but if the ball zips through the surface, that is when problems get created.”

Shaw has already witnessed the highs and lows of international cricket in his short career. He announced himself with a century on debut before being suspended for doping. Now he has been dropped from the

“It is not just to the balls coming in, but when a batsman is not playing well – I’m not talking only about Prithvi, it’s about any batter who’s not in good nick and has that kind of a backlift, because when you’re scooping, you don’t get the timing right and you edge the ball either on the outer side or the inside.

When you’re batting well, your timing is going to be right, but when you’re not, the straighter backlift helps,” Tendulkar explained.

Shaw’s flaw in 2nd Innings of the 1st Test

Sachin Tendulkar's ODI bowling
Sachin Tendulkar

Providing further insight into what led to Shaw being bowled by Pat Cummins in the second innings in Adelaide, Tendulkar said it’s not just the movement of the body but also what’s going on in the mind at that moment that’s affecting the 20-year-old.

“In the second innings, I felt he was caught on the move. There were a number of batters who were caught on the move. They were late in playing the ball just a fraction. That can happen because there are so many things going on in your head.

Here, again if you see, because there were a lot of things going on in his mind, he was a fraction late on getting on the ball because if you notice, his foot was in the air in the second innings,” the most prolific run-getter in international cricket’s history said.

“People talk about footwork, but it’s not about the bowler body. Footwork is in your mind, your head. So, if you’re not thinking properly, your lower body is not going to follow instructions. When there are multiple things going on in your head, it is going to affect your footwork. It’s in the mind,” he added.

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