No Penalty for Pakistan as Ayub’s cap hits ball at SCG; Check reason

Saim Ayub
Saim Ayub (image: PCB)

Pakistan side was not given a penalty for the incident where Saim Ayub’s cap touched the ball in the outfield at Sydney Cricket Ground.

No Penalty for Pakistan as Ayub’s cap hits ball

Saim Ayub had a moment in the outfield during Day 03 on the third and final test in Pakistan’s Australia tour on Friday. During the 65th over of the Australia innings, he chased the ball after Steve Smith but dug his knee into the surface of the ground while he attempted to field.

Although he did not injure himself his cap touched the ball. According to the rules and regulations, five runs will be penalized for the team when the ball hits the hat.

Responding to Pakistan’s first innings total of 313, Australia resumed their innings of Day 03 with a score of 116 runs losing 2 wickets with Marnus Labuschagne and Smith at the crease.

Both had an impressive standing for the third wicket as they scored 79 runs. In the 65th over of the innings bowled by off-spinner Sajid Khan.

When the Pakistan fielder’s cap came off and touched the ball. However, Pakistan was not penalized for five runs. While sharing an update regarding the incident CA explained that,

“For those asking: It’s not a five-run penalty for hitting the cap as the contact between ball and hat was accidental, and nor was the cap deliberately left on the field, as helmets tend to be #AUSvPAK.”

The Australia coach Justin Langer “If it hits the cap or the helmet, it’s usually five runs to the batting side. But in this instance – we’ve spoken to Simon Taufel – because it was accidental, and (the cap) came off his head in the process, that’s why the runs weren’t given” #AUSvPAK.”

Pakistan all-rounder Aamer Jamal claimed 6/69 in 21.4 overs and bowled 299 runs in the 110th over in their innings.

Pakistan started their second innings where Josh Hazlewood dismissed four wickets. Pakistan scored 68 runs and led Australia 82 runs by the end of Day 03.