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Do Virat Kohli Eat Eggs?, Indian Skipper Reveals his Diet

Does Virat Kohli eat Eggs?. Yes, Indian skipper, Virat Kohli reveals that he consumes some eggs in his high protein diet.

Does Virat Kohli Eat Eggs?

Yes, Indian skipper Virat Kohli claims that he used to take some eggs in his dirt routine. Though he said he used to remain vegan he spills out this when a fan made a question to him on his Instagram.

An Instagram follower of Kohli asked him about his breakfast routine. Responding to the question, the 32-year-old said, “Lots of vegetables, some eggs, 2 cups of Coffee, quinoa, lots of spinach, love dosas too. But all in controlled quantities.”

Virat Kohli diet
Virat Kohli diet

While some appreciated Kohli for sharing his diet, others cannot help but point out that the right-handed batsman eats eggs despite claiming to be a vegan.

In another question, when he was asked, “What all do you eat in a day?” Virat promptly replied, “Lot of Indian food simply cooked and sometimes Chinese too. Almonds, protein bar, fruits.”

Virat Kohli diet for all day
Virat Kohli answer on Day Diet Plan

When did Virat Kohli become Vegan?

Mentioning what made him choose veganism, Kohli talked about the centurion Test in South Africa in 2018, when he faced a cervical spine issue.

He used to feel a tingling sensation in his little finger, which made it difficult for him to play the game. This was not it. The skipper’s stomach turned a bit acidic, and the uric acid went high.

“My stomach started pulling calcium from the bones which actually resulted in the spine issue. Hence, I had to cut down on meat and now I feel better than ever,” Kohli had said last year.

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