Viacom 18 Seals Broadcasting Rights for CSA’s Domestic Bilateral Matches

Cricket South Africa(CSA)
Cricket South Africa(CSA)

CSA’s Domestic Bilateral Matches Live Telecasting Rights: After sealing a 10-year deal with Cricket South Africa (CSA) to broadcast the newly launched SA20 league, Viacom 18 is reportedly going to sign another deal with it for its domestic bilateral matches (both men’s and women’s cricket).

Broadcasting Rights for CSA’s Domestic Bilateral Matches

As per a report, no official announcement has been made by any of the two sides however, the deal is set to be inked by the parties in a day or two.

“Apart from being the rights holders of SA20 for 10 years, from 2023-32, Viacom 18 thus will also hold the media rights of international cricket in South Africa for seven years, from 2024-25 to 30-31, during which time South Africa are scheduled to play 87 games, including 21 involving India,” the report said.

The agreement will cover both digital and broadcast rights. When contacted, CEO Pholetsi Moseki said, “CSA will not comment on a process which is not finalized.”

As the CSA tender process was unable to find any broadcaster, the board had entered into negotiations with Viacom 18 and although the value of the deal was not disclosed, reports suggested that it was likely over 100 million for 10 years.

Notably, the league’s most matches will be reportedly be played as per Indian prime time.

The CSA set USD 7,000,000 ($ USD million) for India match and USD 3,000,000 ($ USD 3 million) per non-India season in accordance with the ITT.

India will only travel to South Africa twice under the terms of the agreement, once in 2027–2028 to play two Tests, three ODIs, and six T20Is, and again in 2031 to play two Tests, three ODIs, and five T20Is.

Given the history of uncertainty of India games, the CSA had a disclaimer in its ITT, which said, “If the number of India Matches decreases, CSA shall not be in breach of contract, but the Licensee shall be entitled (as its sole remedy) to a pro-rata reduction and/or rebate of the License Fee in accordance with the agreed per India Match rate (except where a scheduled Match is cancelled or License Fee abandoned due to adverse weather).”

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Date Team Test ODI T20I
2024-25 Sri Lanka 2
Pakistan 2 3 3
2025-26 West Indies 2
2026-27 Australia 3
Bangladesh 2 3
England 3 3
2027-28 India 0 3 3


Date Team Test ODI T20I
December 2027-28 India 2 0 3
2028-29 Sri Lanka 3 3
Pakistan 2 3 3
2029-30 Australia 0 3 3
New Zealand 2 3 3
2030-31 England
India (TBC 2031) 2 3 5


Test ODI T20I
Projected Total Matches 22 33 22