‘I think we should go match by match’, Taskin Ahmed unfolds pressure ahead of NED WC clash

Taskin Ahmed
Taskin Ahmed(Image: ICC)

The Bangladesh Pacer Taskin Ahmed is confident in their side qualifying for the semi-finals in the ICC Tournament.

Taskin Ahmed unfolds pressure ahead of NED WC clash

Bangladesh has only one victory out of five matches they have played in the World Cup 2023. The pressure has been increased for the side rather than the opponents ahead of the match against the Netherlands. On this occasion, The pacer Taskin Ahmed admits that the pressure is for their side but confident about reaching the semi-finals.

However, their performance in the tournament does not ensure the side clears the group stages. It will be not easy going on the match against the Netherlands which defeated the powerhouse, South Africa.

“Look if we lose the match everything is tricky but definitely in this kind of match the pressure is much more because of the expectation because everyone feels that we have to win,” Taskin told reporters on Friday.

“We want to win every game and the thing is that we have to win by following a process and doing the right thing. We should focus on the next match and if we can win I think we should go match by match and if we can play our best cricket we will be able to win,” he said adding that he doesn’t feel everything is over for them.

“So, if we can win four there will be a different story maybe but at the moment we are planning to go match by match. Yes, we didn’t play well enough as we expected from both units, batting, and bowling, but four games to go. So, we are looking forward to do well,” he said.

“Our fielding was pretty good so far in this tournament but batting and bowling I think as we expected we haven’t done enough well so there are a lot more improvements. But also, we know also that we are better than that. And we are capable. But yeah, we haven’t done great. So, hoping to do well in the next four matches,” he said.

Taskin joined the side on Thursday after his recovery from his shoulder injury. The side received a major setback when the pacer was sidelined for the games against India and South Africa.

“I had this shoulder (issue) for the first time in South Africa that was two years back. I have a tear in my tendon for a long time and I am playing by managing it even in the Asia Cup and World Cup I am playing with it and suddenly it got increased and the doctor and physio did an MRI and it was found out that it was swollen and so took rest for a couple of days and now I am feeling better. I am personally in good shape and after playing I can understand where I stand.

“As a player, I want to play all the time. After the injury, I was sent to the UK for assessment.

There I was told by the surgeon that if I underwent surgery there was no guarantee that it would be cured and it would take a couple of years to recover while there was another option that is rehabilitation and after doing the rehab for one and a half months till now I played and now it increased (injury) and after the tournament probably board will make a plan after having discussion with a shoulder specialist regarding what to do next and how to proceed.

The surgery is the last option and I want to do rehab and play by managing it. When the pain increases it becomes difficult for me as a fast bowler.”

He also spoke about the skipper who traveled back to Dhaka for the final phase of training ahead of the match against the Netherlands. The skipper is expected to arrive on October 27 as per his schedule but arrived one day earlier as BCB asked to change his plans as leaving the team at a crucial time would create a negative impact on the side.

“I don’t think it (his absence from the team hotel) had any impact and when he returned we had a good time. Basically, he went there to make individual improvement by doing specific training so that he can do well for us because he is not batting as per his expectation,” said Taskin.

“I feel we should appreciate it. He went there after talking with management and BCB and we had a rest day but today he is available with us in the team during the official practice session,” he concluded.

The match between Bangladesh and Netherlands will kickstart at 2:00 PM IST at Eden Gardens, Kolkata.