Sachin Tendulkar’s List of 100 Centuries with Full Details Across All Formats

Team India lifts Sachin after winning world cup 2011
Team India lifts Sachin after winning world cup 2011

The name Sachin Tendulkar hardly needs an introduction. And when you hear the word ‘Century’, it is hardly anyone’s guess name comes to the mind first. Arguably the best batsman in the history of the game, Tendulkar has broken every possible record in hitting the triple-digit.

He has most centuries in Tests, ODIs and the joint-most centuries in the Cricket World Cup. And of course, the legendary cricketer has a total of 100 centuries in international cricket. (God help anyone trying to break that record!) Let us take a look at all Sachin Tendulkar centuries.

Master Blaster Test Century List

The Master Blaster started his career as a 16-year-old sensation against Pakistan in 1989. And he got his first century in his ninth Test, against England in Manchester – Start of an Era! First of many! With his 35th century, against Sri Lanka in 2005, Tendulkar broke Sunil Gavaskar’s record of most test centuries. His last century came against South Africa at Cape Town in 2011. Here is the list of all 51 centuries – Yes FIFTY-ONE!

Sachin Tendulkar scored 51 centuries in test match
Sachin Tendulkar scored 51 centuries in test match
Sr. No.DateOppositionScoreInningResultVenue
19 Aug 1990England119*4DrawnManchester
22 Jan 1992Australia148*2DrawnSydney
31 Feb 1992Australia1142LostPerth
426 Nov 1992South Africa1112DrawnJohannesburg
511 Feb 1993England1651WonChennai
627 July 1993Sri Lanka104*3WonColombo
718 Jan 1994Sri Lanka1421WonLucknow
81 Dec 1994West Indies1791DrawnNagpur
96 June 1996England1223LostBirmingham
104 July 1996England1771DrawnNottingham
112 Jan 1997South Africa1692LostCape Town
122 Aug 1997Sri Lanka1431DrawnColombo
139 Aug 1997Sri Lanka1392DrawnColombo
143 Dec 1997Sri Lanka1481DrawnMumbai
156 March 1998Australia155*3WonChennai
1625 March 1998Australia1771LostBangalore
1726 Dec 1998New Zealand1133LostWellington
1828 Jan 1999Pakistan1364LostChennai
1924 Feb 1999Sri Lanka124*3DrawnColombo
2010 Oct 1999New Zealand126*3DrawnMohali
2129 Oct 1999New Zealand2171DrawnAhmedabad
2226 Dec 1999Australia1162LostMelbourne
2318 Nov 2000Zimbabwe1222WonNew Delhi
2425 Nov 2000Zimbabwe201*1DrawnNagpur
2518 March 2001Australia1262WonChennai
263 Nov 2001South Africa1551LostBloemfontein
2711 Dec 2001England1032DrawnAhmedabad
2821 Feb 2002Zimbabwe1762WonNagpur
2919 April 2002West Indies1171WonPort of Spain
3022 Aug 2002England1931WonLeeds
3130 Oct 2002West Indies1763DrawnKolkata
322 Jan 2004Australia241*1DrawnSydney
3328 March 2004Pakistan194*1WonMultan
3410 Dec 2004Bangladesh248*2WonDhaka
3510 Dec 2005Sri Lanka1091WonNew Delhi
3618 May 2007Bangladesh1011DrawnChittagong
3725 May 2007Bangladesh122*1WonMirpur
382 Jan 2008Australia154*2LostSydney
3924 Jan 2008Australia1531DrawnAdelaide
406 Nov 2008Australia1091WonNagpur
4111 Dec 2008England103*4WonChennai
4218 March 2009New Zealand1602WonHamilton
4316 Nov 2009Sri Lanka100*3DrawnAhmedabad
4417 Jan 2010Bangladesh105*1WonChittagong
4524 Jan 2010Bangladesh1432WonMirpur
466 Feb 2010South Africa1003LostNagpur
4714 Feb 2010South Africa1062WonKolkata
4826 July 2010Sri Lanka2032DrawnColombo
499 Oct 2010Australia2142WonBangalore
5016 Dec 2010South Africa111*3LostCenturion
512 Jan 2011South Africa1462DrawnCape Town


ODI Centuries

Tendulkar made his ODI debut in the same tour of Pakistan in 1989. And although it took him a little while to get going in ODIs in terms of centuries, he ended up with 49 centuries. The legendary batsman scored his first ODI century against Australia in 1994.

His 46th ODI century, the inning of 200* against South Africa was the first instance of a batsman scoring an ODI double-century. Tendulkar’s century against Bangladesh in the 2012 Asia Cup ended the year-long wait of his 100th century! It also turned out to be the Master Blaster’s last career 100.

Sachin Tendulkar scored 49 Centuries in ODI format
Sachin Tendulkar scored 49 Centuries in ODI format
Sr. No.DateOppositionScoreInningResultVenue
19 Sep 1994Australia1101WonColombo
228 Oct 1994New Zealand1152WonVadodara
311 Nov 1994West Indies1051WonJaipur
49 Apr 1995Sri Lanka112*2WonSharjah
518 Feb 1996Kenya127*2WonCuttack
62 March 1996Sri Lanka1371LostNew Delhi
75 Apr 1996Pakistan1001LostSingapore
815 Apr 1996Pakistan1181WonSharjah
928 August 1996Sri Lanka1101LostColombo
1014 December 1996South Africa1141WonMumbai
119 Feb 1997Zimbabwe1042WonBenoni
1214 Mar 1997New Zealand1172WonBangalore
137 Apr 1998Australia1002WonKanpur
1422 Apr 1998Australia1432LostSharjah
1524 April 1998Australia1342WonSharjah
1631 May 1998Kenya100*2WonKolkata
177 Jul 1998Sri Lanka1281WonColombo
1826 Sep 1998Zimbabwe127*2WonBulawayo
1928 Oct 1998Australia1411WonDhaka
208 Nov 1998Zimbabwe118*2WonSharjah
2113 Nov 1998Zimbabwe124*2WonSharjah
2223 May 1999Kenya140*1WonBristol
2329 Aug 1999Sri Lanka1201WonColombo
248 Nov 1999New Zealand186*1WonHyderabad
2517 March 2000South Africa1222WonVadodara
2620 Oct 2000Sri Lanka1011LostSharjah
278 Dec 2000Zimbabwe1461LostJodhpur
2831 Mar 2001Australia1391WonIndore
294 July 2001West Indies122*2WonHarare
305 Oct 2001South Africa1011LostJohannesburg
3124 Oct 2001Kenya1461WonPaarl
324 Jul 2002England105*1No Result
3311 July 2002Sri Lanka1131WonBristol
3423 Feb 2003Namibia1521Won
3526 Oct 2003Australia1001WonGwalior
3615 November 2003New Zealand1021WonHyderabad
3716 March 2004Pakistan1412LostRawalpindi
3812 Apr 2005Pakistan1231LostAhmedabad
396 Feb 2006Pakistan1001LostPeshawar
4014 Sep 2006West Indies1411LostKuala Lumpur
4131 Jan 2007West Indies100*1WonVadodara
422 March 2008Australia117*2WonSydney
438 Mar 2009New Zealand163*1WonChristchurch
4414 Sep 2009Sri Lanka1381WonColombo
455 Nov 2009Australia1752LostHyderabad
4624 Feb 2010South Africa200*1WonGwalior
4727 Feb 2011England1201TiedBangalore
4812 March 2011South Africa1111LostNagpur
4916 Mar 2012Bangladesh1141LostMirpur