Sachin Tendulkar Breaks Silence on Hosting Matches Behind Closed Doors
Sachin Tendulkar Breaks Silence on Hosting Matches Behind Closed Doors

Legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar expressed his thoughts on how hosting matches behind closed doors will be really demotivating for the players.

Earlier being asked about the prospect of playing in front of empty stands, Pat Cummins readily agreed to do the same much like Chennai Super Kings spinner Harbhajan Singh. Laying emphasis on finding balance between safety and normality, Cummins didn’t express any concern regarding playing behind closed doors.

“Empty stadiums would be so disappointing for players who are competing. There are a lot of times when players respond to spectators,” Sachin told PTI.

“If I play a good shot and the manner in which crowd responds also brings in that energy. Similarly, if a bowler bowls a fiery spell and the crowd is responding to it, it builds a kind of pressure on the batsman and he needs to respond to it.”

“Spectators are integral to any sport. Their encouragement, vociferous chants for or against you is a necessity in sport,” he added.

The former Team India cricketer also explained how the normal gestures of shining the ball, giving high-fives and hugs to your teammates, etc will all change after this pandemic is over.

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“I think players will be wary for some time when it comes to using saliva (to shine the ball). It will play on their minds. Social distancing measures will be followed until the deadly virus is around,” Tendulkar said.

“High fives and hugging your teammates will be avoided for some time. This is what I would like to believe. They will be conscious, to begin with and may maintain social distancing.”

“You would want to play in an environment that is safe and secure. I still believe one has to be careful and be aware of what we have been hit with. The importance of good hygiene, something I have promoted as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador,” he added.