Wasim Khan
Wasim Khan

The Pakistan Cricket Board has reversed its decision to terminate contracts of its 55 employees with chief executive Wasim Khan admitting that communication needs to be better on the part of the parent body.

The PCB came under fire on Thursday when 10 employees posted at Karachi’s National Stadium were served termination notices, most of them lower rung staff, being paid modest salaries.

Critics questioned the decision in existing circumstances when the COVID-19 pandemic had hit the economy hard. The other criticism was that while firing lower rung employees, the board was spending millions on hirings in senior positions.

PCB Reverses Decision of Terminating Contracts of it’s Employees : 

On Friday, the board reversed its decision with CEO Khan admitting that they need to have a rethink on lay-offs.

He said in a statement: “Making changes is about timing and on reflection, the process and communication needed to be better. As a responsible organisation, we have reviewed our decision and acted quickly to withdraw the notices.”

Khan, however, added that PCB is over-staffed and it might not be sustainable in the long-term.

“The PCB will make necessary decisions in due course,” he added.

The PCB has possibly the largest setup among the cricket boards of the world as far as its staff strength is concerned.

Almost every chairman had made appointments to oblige friends and relatives and the staff strength is said to be approximately 800.

In recent months, the board has already released some 260 employees mostly ground staff after it changed the domestic cricket structure, doing away with the regional cricket associations.

These 260 employees including groundsmen, curators besides office clerks were working and getting some portion of their monthly salaries from the PCB besides their respective regions.

Earlier Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Ehsan Mani has provided an update on the probable future of the Asia Cup amid coronavirus outbreak across the globe.


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