Nazmul Hasan steps down as BCB President

Nazmul Hasan
Nazmul Hasan (image: BCB)

The Bangladesh Cricket Board president Nazmul Hasan is all set to quit his position after completing his current affairs. He will be governing the duties of the Ministry of Youth and Sports on January 11.

Nazmul Hasan steps down as BCB President

The BCB President Nazmul Hasan was elected as a member of the Bangladesh parliament on January 07 and was given the responsibility of the Ministry of Youth and Sports on Thursday before the upcoming T20 World Cup 2024 which is set to begin on June.

After his new appointment, there were questions about whether he would continue his role as the president of BCB, who was designated in the post in 2012.

While answering this question “There are no problems in the law about me holding both posts (BCB president and Minister of Youth and Sports),” told the reporters.

“There is no relationship between getting ministry and leaving from the post of BCB because earlier there were several ministers who also fulfilled the roles. It is also there abroad so that is not the issue.

“But it would be good if that is not the case (holding both the posts) because then there might be speculations of me prioritizing cricket. I want to prioritize everything (being the Minister of Sports).”

“Basically there are quite a few factors here. First thing is that even if I wish for it, I can’t leave now.”

“We have seen this in the case of Zimbabwe where they were suspended for almost two years and also in the case of Sri Lanka. I feel that there can’t be a rush to take a decision that may harm the country’s cricket.

“One option is to talk to the ICC because there are two things which are very important. One is our term, which ICC always wants that an elected body finish their full term and the other is ICC’s current board’s own term,” he said.

“Greg Barclay is the chairman and his tenure possibly ends at the end of this year. At this time, various people are given charge of different committees and I am also in various committees.”

“I am also chairman of one committee and they don’t accept changes in these positions. So if I leave suddenly, who will be the chairman of that committee? So I have to talk to the ICC.”

“I feel that at the earliest, when ICC’s term ends, then I can talk to them and have an opportunity to get out of it smoothly,” he noted.

With the next election of the BCB will be held on October 25, Nazmul’s resignation with immediate effect will make one of the existing members govern the Board.

“Those that are directors now (in BCB), one has to be chosen from among them. There is no opportunity for someone to come from outside,” he said.

The BCB chief executive Nizamuddin Chowdhury has same thoughts on the incidents saying, “The Bangladesh Cricket Board president position is an elected position, unlike the past when it was nominated by the government.”

“The BCB is guided by the ICC constitution and according to the ICC constitution, there can’t be any government interference and the cricket board president needs to be in an electoral position.”

“Taking that into consideration we had to change the constitution and make the president position as elected,” said Nizamuddin.

“The election process is that the person has to be a councilor of the BCB. After that, he has to become a director through election. Then from the directors, one can become the president. That’s the process.”

“At this moment, no one from outside [BCB] can become president since you have to become a councilor and there is no provision for that in our constitution right now.”

“Councillors are called before their tenure ends but current councillors have term until 2025,” he added.

Nazmul governed the Board for the first time in 2012 and was elected for the post twice. He won the elections in 2013 and 2017 as his panel stood unopposed.

Nazmul decided against a panel and hence had to go through the rigors of an election. With Bangladesh having no outings until the T20 World Cup, they will be playing their first T20 World Cup match against Sri Lanka on June 08 at Grand Prairie Stadium.