Maharashtra Cricketer Died Due to Heart Attack While Batting

Maharashtra cricketer died while batting
Maharashtra cricketer died while batting

Coming as tragic news from the Pune district of Maharashtra, a cricketer died after suffering a heart attack while batting during a local cricket tournament in Junnar city.

Maharashtra Cricketer died while Batting 

The incident happened while the cricket match was underway. The player standing on the non-striker end suffered a major heart attack, collapsed on the field and reportedly died on the spot.

The batsman was at the non-striker’s end when he suddenly collapsed after suffering a heart attack. According to the latest visuals of the tragic incident, the unidentified player was waiting for the bowler to bowl his next delivery while standing at the non-striker’s end.

After the end of the delivery, the batsman at the non-striker’s end enquired about the number of balls left in the over with the match umpire. In an unfortunate turn of events, the batsman then suffered a loss of consciousness and collapsed on the ground. The batsman reportedly died of a heart attack on the cricket field in Junnar.

Cricketer Died in the Same way Earlier

In another unfortunate incident on January 18, a 25-year-old man had lost his life while playing the gentlemen’s game. As per a report filed by news agency PTI, Raman Gaikwad suddenly collapsed on the ground in Maharashtra.

The local police had asserted that the deceased was declared dead at a hospital. Cardiac arrest was suspected to be the reason behind Gaikwad’s death at the time. The report added that a case of accidental death has been registered in aftermath of Gaikwad’s demise.

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