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Jofra Archer Predicts Corona Virus in 2014: Tweet goes Viral

England’s fast bowler Jofra Archer always prove himself with the ball that too in Ashes series he never failed to show off. Not on only with ball he has some serious stuffs to check as some of his old tweet goes viral. England fast bowler Jofra Archer has again faced racial abuse and this time he received it on social media platform Instagram. The bowler condemned the act and called upon the authorities to take proper action.

Archer, who has tweeted on nearly 40,000 occasions, often finds himself and his old tweets being connected to a present event. With the tweet in question being posted years ago, fans can’t help themselves from hailing the 24-year old player’s expertise in predicting the future.

Archer is currently doing the rounds on the platform due to a tweet which he posted in 2014. “There will be, no place to run, that day will come,” reads Archer’s tweet which is being related with respect to the outbreak of a “pandemic” in the novel COVID-19.

This tweet goes viral as it indirectly mentioning the current situation where peoples starts to isolates them self. Many government and medical organization recommend peoples to stay low in order to avoid the social spreading. After this tweet peoples start to tweet that he predict this before six years.

Some says that he know about this corona virus  previously

Archer faced racial abuse

Archer shared a screenshot of one of the messages that he received during his recent live video. “Stupid what are your doing Blacky” and “Great Blacky” were the messages received by Archer on his Instagram DM.

“I given a lot of thought about reacting to this and I hope no one else has to deal with stuff like this on a regular basis, it isn’t ever acceptable and should be addressed properly in my opinion. I will never understand how people feel so freely to say these things to another human being it baffles me, read the Archer’s story.

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