IOC officially confirmed return of Cricket in LA Olympics 2023

Olympics LA28
Olympics LA28

The International Olympic Committee has approved the inclusion of the sport cricket in the 2028 Olympics.

Return of Cricket in LA Olympics 2023

With ICC confirming the news of including cricket in the Olympics last week, the IOC had planned a meeting to discuss the development of the proposal during the IOC session in Mumbai on Monday.

The discussions concluded with confirming the format to be played and conducting the games for both the men’s and women’s categories in Los Angeles. It is said that ICC will field only six teams from each category LA28.

The IOC also confirmed that other games like baseball/Softball, flag football, lacrosse, and Squash have been formally included in the Olympics 2028.

After the discussion, IOC member Nita Ambani said, “The inclusion of cricket in the sports program for the Los Angeles 2028 Olympics Games was a welcome addition that had the potential to attract a lot of new interest and opportunities for the Olympic movement across newer geographies in the world.”

The owner of the Mumbai Indians franchise said, “As an IOC member, a proud Indian, and an ardent cricket fan, I am delighted that IOC members have voted to include Cricket as an Olympic Sport in the LA Summer Olympics 2028!.”

Cricket has been featured only once in the Olympics in 1900 where only two teams took place. The IOC session is being held in India after 40 years.

“I’m delighted that this historic resolution was passed at the 141st IOC Session taking place right here in our country in Mumbai,” Ambani added.

“The hope of an Olympic dream just became an active pursuit for countless athletes around the world. This remarkable journey over the next five years will undoubtedly change lives, inspiring athletes with the opportunity to represent their sport and country on the world’s biggest stage,” said Janet Evans, LA28 Chief Athlete Officer.

“Participating in the Games is an experience unlike any other, and any athlete who pursues it will become an invaluable thread within the shared story of the LA28 Games.”

The ICC chairman Greg Barclay added, “Cricket’s inclusion in the Olympic Games has been a priority for our organization, and we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to showcase our great sport and athletes at the LA28 Games and hopefully many Olympic Games to come.

“I’d like to thank LA28 and the International Olympic Committee for their support and for their trust in our organization’s ability to deliver a world-class event and countless new Olympic fans from all over the world. The fact that the IOC confirmation of our selection occurred here in Mumbai, during the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup, is truly icing on the cake.”

The BCCI secretary Jay Shah was the part of ICC Olympics working group which played an important role in the inclusion of the sport in the Olympics.

Jay Shah is a strong supporter of the proposal to add the sport to the Olympics. Speaking after the discussion Jay Shah said, “The BCCI has been a staunch supporter of the ICC’s efforts to include cricket as an Olympic sport. We are thrilled to witness this momentous occasion, which marks a significant milestone for the sport.

Our active participation has been instrumental in promoting the case for cricket’s inclusion in the Olympics. This initiative aligns with the idea of India hosting the 2036 Olympics, as envisioned by our Hon’ble Prime Minister.”

“We anticipate that this decision will yield significant financial dividends and have a profound positive impact on our sport’s eco-system. It will fuel infrastructural development, intensify competition, foster youth development, and create opportunities for officials, volunteers, and skilled professionals,” concluded Jay Shah.