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Top 20 Highest Successful Run Chase in ODI Cricket Format

In cricket chasing down a target of 300+ in ODI cricket format has become a casual thing for many teams in the modern cricket era. Years back setting a target of more than 250 seems to be a good target for a win.

As time changes chasing 400+ runs in ODI format has become a thing that can be achieved. Statistics tell us that the team batting second has won more than the team batting first while chasing a highest run target in ODI cricket format.

First Team to Score 300+ runs in ODI Cricket

On 7 June 1975 England became the first team to score 300 plus total as they scored 334/4 against India at Lord’s, the coincidently same day New Zealand also scored 309/5 against East Africa in Birmingham. And soon Australia and Pakistan also scored their first 300 plus total.

And India was the last team to score their first 300 plus total (at that time among Test-playing nations). India’s first 300 plus total (305/5) came in 1996 against Pakistan in Sharjah.

And since then India has scored most 300 plus total and in December 2017 they became the first team to score 300 plus total more than 100 times in ODIs. And here are the teams with the most 300 plus totals.

Highest Run Chase in ODI Cricket format

The highest run chase in ODI cricket format takes place when a team sets a massive run target while batting at first which then later chased down by the opponent team.

Last Updated on April 2021

S. No Team Runs Target Opponent
1 South Africa 438 435 Australia
2 South Africa 372 372 Australia
3 England 364 361 West Indies
4 India 362 360 Australia
5 England 359 359 Pakistan
6 Australia 359 359 India
7 India 356 351 England
8 India 351 351 Australia
9 England 350 350 New Zealand
10 New Zealand 350 347 Australia
11 New Zealand 348 348 India
12 England 341 341 Pakistan
13 New Zealand 340 337 Australia
14 New Zealand 339 336 England
15 England 337 337 India
16 Australia 334 334 England
17 New Zealand 332 332 Australia
18 West Indies 331 328 Ireland
19 India 331 331 Australia
20 India 330 330 Pakistan


Teams with most 300 plus totals in ODI cricket

The 300+ total of a team includes whether a team loses or wins the particular ODI match.

Team 300+ totals
India 120
Australia 111
South Africa 84
England 82
Pakistan 81
Sri Lanka 74
New Zealand 62
West Indies 50
Zimbabwe 28
Bangladesh 19


Teams with most successful 300 plus run chases in ODI cricket

Successful 300+ run chase
Australia 94
India 91
South Africa 76
Pakistan 66
Sri Lanka 58
England 58
New Zealand 50


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