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“He is an Inspiration to this Generation”, Mohammed Shami Praises Virat Kohli

Indian senior pacer Mohammed Shami heap praised Virat Kohli by saying he has everything young people need in their role model.

Virat Kohli who is considered as one of the greatest cricketers of the current era is believed to surpass Sachin Tendulkar‘s humungous record of 100 centuries in international cricket.

Though Virat Kohli too travelled through rough patches in his cricketing career, he used to bounce back aggressively and replied to his criticisms with his knocks.

For many budding cricketers, Virat Kohli remains a role model even some youngsters took inspiration from Kohli to better themself in cricket as well as in their personal life.

Not only on the field, Virat Kohli also attracts many people in real life too. Being down to earth and showing aggression on the pitch in support of his teammates, Virat Kohli stood one step ahead of everyone.

Mohammed Shami recently explained why Virat Kohli is an ideal role model for youngsters and lauded his tremendous dedication to the sport. Shami said that the 35-year-old puts great emphasis on his fitness and batting skills and always stays in the zone.

Virat Shami

“He keeps his plans very clear, be it fitness, batting. Even if you give him the bowling, he will do the job, even with his cross feet (wrong foot) action. Woh ek aisa banda hai jo kahin bhi rahe woh apne frame (zone) mei rehta zaroor hai. Woh jab bhi aayega, woh show karega apne aap ko ke haan ‘mai kya hu (he is such a person who stays focused wherever he is. Whenever he returns, he shows who he is),” said Shami on a sports website.

Further speaking ahead, Shami stated Kohli has everything youngsters need in their role model and they get to learn various aspects of life through him.

“If there are such role models for today’s generation, imagine how much they will get to learn — fitness, skill and so on. Every aspect you look at, you find loyalty for everything. That is reflected in Virat Kohli. He has everything that young people need in their role model,” he added.

So far in his cricketing career, Virat Kohli has played 113 Tests, 292 ODIs and 117 T20Is and scored 8848, 13848 and 4037 runs respectively and also bagged 9 wickets across all three formats.

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