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Watch : England is Safer Than Whatever is Happening in Pakistan Right Now Says Michael Holding

West Indies pace legend Michael Holding feels that Pakistan cricket crew would be ‘in an ideal situation’ visiting England instead of waiting in their nation considering the spray in COVID-19 cases there. Upwards of 10 out of the 29 England-bound Pakistan cricketers have tested positive for the feared coronavirus yet sheets from both the nations demanded Tuesday that the visit remains “very much on track”.

“Well, it would seem that England is safer than whatever is happening in Pakistan right now,” Holding said during his YouTube show ‘Mikey – Holding Nothing Back.

“They (Pakistan team) are perhaps better off coming to England as opposed to staying in Pakistan because it is even worse there. Once they get to England, they will be in a bio-secure area,” he added.

Pakistan is booked to leave for the UK on June 28 to play three Tests and the same number of T20 Internationals beginning in August. A day after the Pakistan Cricket Board discovered him sure for the lethal infection, previous chief Mohammed Hafeez asserted he has tried negative.

One of the game’s best quick bowlers, Holding talked about the facilitating of limitations in the UK, a sign that things are improving there progressively.

“They will be reducing the six feet apart rule that was being insisted on, bringing it down to three feet or one meter apart. Things are getting a little bit easier there.

“Once they (Pakistan team) arrive, they will have to do their two weeks of quarantine as I am doing at the moment. They will be moved to a bio-secure area to make sure they are not infected. They should be ok from there on,” Holding said.

Holding, be that as it may, said the individuals of England would not be to blame on the off chance that they are having an issue with the Pakistan group visiting their nation.

“If anyone should say that the tour should not go ahead, it should be the ECB or the people here in England because Pakistan is among the top countries in terms of positive tests,” he said.

“I don’t think there is much chance of getting it once they get here as we have seen with the West Indies team.”

The West Indies group is yet to confront any wellbeing related issues since they showed up in the United Kingdom.

“They haven’t had any problems since they arrived. If anyone had the virus it would have shown up by now.”

“So people that think the Pakistan team should not come here are probably thinking more about the England team rather than their own,” he added.

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