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Donald Trump referred Sachin Tendulkar as ‘Soo-chin’- Even ICC trolled Trump

Donald Trump’s speech on Indian cricketers

Indians may be excited to host Donald Trump on his maiden two-day visit to India. But no one gets away with messing with God of Cricket when in India, albeit inadvertently. Not even the President of the United States.

On the first leg of his maiden visit to India, Trump addressed a crowd of thousands in Ahmedabad’s Motera cricket stadium at the “Namaste Trump” rally held in the POTUS’s honour.

Both heads of states PM Narendra Modi and Trump addressed the cheering crowd at the stadium. But while Modi kept his words short and handed the stage over to the guest of honour, it was Trump’s speech, or rather, his accent when he pronounced Desi words, that caught a lot of ears.

Within minutes of his speech, which was liberally filled with Indian references such as DDLJ, Sholay, Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli, among others, videos of his mispronunciations went viral. And the worst of it came when he names Sachin Tendulkar. While Sachin is one of the easier Indian names when it comes to pronunciation, it seemed to be too much for Trump who pronounced the cricketer’s name as “Soo-chin Tendulkaar” during his address.

“This is the country where your people cheer on the biggest cricketers, from Sachin Tendulkar to Virat Kohli, the best in the world”, Trump said in praise of the star Indian cricketers.

Even ICC

Even ICC joined and trolled Trump for his action. As Trump mis-pounced one of the Indian favorite cricketer’s name social media gets into troll Trump for his action. Other netizens also took Twitter to troll the POTUS with many surmising that Trump was probably not a cricket fan after all. While Twitter likes to have it’s fun, it’s not really our place to make fun of people for incorrect pronunciations, especially when Indians themselves often face the brunt of such discrimination when speaking at world forums.


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