MS Dhoni Hails Induction of Rafale Jets Into The Indian Air Force(IAF)


Indian former cricketer MS Dhoni hails and praises the Indian Air Force(IAF) after they included the 4.5Gen fighter plane in the Indian army.

Dhoni’s Passion Towards Indian Army

MS Dhoni is widely known for his impressive glove and bat work in the cricket field. Almost everyone knows how much he loves the Indian army. If you don’t then let us remain how MS Dhoni announced his retirement from international cricket in Military format on August 15(India’s Independence Day) 2020.

Apart from the cricket records created by him, Lieutenant Colonel MS Dhoni became the first person to para jump from military transport. During this Dhoni completed five jumps, including a night jump and a jump from 1250 ft height.

Dhoni Praised IAF

“With the Final Induction Ceremony, the world’s best combat-proven 4.5Gen fighter plane gets the world’s best fighter pilots. In the hands of our pilots and the mix of different aircraft with the IAF, the potent bird’s lethality will only increase,” Dhoni, who is in the UAE for the upcoming season of IPL, tweeted on Thursday.

He added, “Wishing The Glorious 17 Squadron(Golden Arrows) all the very best and for all of us hope the Rafale beats the service record of the Mirage 2000 but Su30MKI remains my fav and the boys get the new target to dogfight with and wait for BVR engagement till their upgrade to Super Sukhoi.”

MS Dhoni said the induction is a strong message to the world and especially those who have raised an eye at the country. “Today, this induction sends a strong message to the world and especially those who have dared to raise an eye (at us). This induction is a very crucial step, considering the situation that has been created at the border,” the Defence Minister said, referring to the border tensions with China,” he said.

“I want to congratulate the IAF that the presence of mind they showed during the unfortunate situation at the Line of Actual Control (de facto border between India and China) which shows their commitment,” he added.