Former Indian Cricketer Deep Dasgupta Heap Praised Rishabh Pant

Deep Dasgupta
Deep Dasgupta

Former Indian cricketer Deep Dasgupta said that Rishabh Pant is enjoying his cricket after having worked hard to get the desired results.

Deep Dasgupta praises Rishabh Pant

He continued the momentum against England at home, leaving the fans and cricket experts stunned with the kind of game he played. With 270 runs to his credit, Pant ended the four-match series as the third-highest run-getter after visiting skipper Joe Root (368) and Rohit Sharma (345).

Pant’s dynamic comeback delighted former Indian stumper Deep Dasgupta. In a conversation with Sports Today, Dasgupta said that the young lad from Delhi is enjoying his cricket after having worked hard to get the desired results.

“He is enjoying his cricket a lot more. Even when he is talking about the game, that pure love, passion, and enjoyment for the game are evident.” Dasgupta said.

Rishabh Pant
Rishabh Pant

“Maybe a year ago, he was not doing it. That happens, that happens with everyone. I mean, I have felt it myself. Suddenly when there is a lot of criticism, you stop enjoying the game and forget the reason for why you’re playing the game at all. And I think Rishabh, when I look at him, that enjoyment factor is so much there. He is having fun.

“That doesn’t mean he is not working. He has worked very hard. Two things stood out for me. One with his keeping, he has made a few changes,” the former cricketer added.

Dasgupta further pointed out the technical changes made by Pant in his batting as well as wicketkeeping adding that the amendments have made the youngster consistent in the longest format.

“We have mentioned this before, about collecting the ball beside the body and being a lot more stable in his stance.

“As far his batting is concerned, we have always mentioned he is a potential match-winner. The biggest issue was choosing the right ball and the right bowler. His shot selection and his ball selection has improved drastically in the last couple of series. Especially this hundred he got, he got his first 50 in 82 balls, he has understood that in Test match cricket, there is nothing called natural game,” said Dasgupta.