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CSK vs GT DLS Par Score and Rules – IPL Final 2023

CSK vs GT DLS Par Score and Rules: The IPL 2023 final game was once again halted owing to the sudden rain in the Ahmedabad ground. Owing to the heavy rain yesterday, the IPL 2023 final was postponed to the reserve day which is May 29(Today).

CSK vs GT DLS Par Score and Rules

The Narendra Modi Stadium Weather report for today gave a positive sign for the game and believed that rain might not interrupt during the playing hours. As expected the game started without any delay at 07:30 PM IST with the toss at 07:00 PM IST.

Winning the toss, CSK decided to bowl first where Gujarat Titans scored 214 runs for 4 wickets at the end of 20 overs. Chasing the mammoth target, CSK batters are expected to make an aggressive start to lay a strong foundation.

But before even bowling a complete over, rain interrupted the match and the match has been halted for the moment. It is worth mentioning that, we got 2 hours before we start losing overs(as per a report).

Though the umpires give a positive signal, the match might take 20-30 minutes to resume.

The match resumes at 12:10 AM and will be a 15-over game with a target of 171 runs!!!! 4 overs of powerplay and a maximum of 3 overs per bowler.

How DLS is Calculated?

To calculate a target, the formula may simply be expressed as:

Team 2’s par score = Team 1’s score x (Team 2’s resources/Team 1’s resources).

During the match after the interruption, there are only two factors remain with the team for the calculation of this method.

Every team available with these two resources namely:

  • Remaining Overs
  • Remaining Wickets

On the basis of these two resources, Frank Duckworth and Tony Lewis have prepared a chart which suggests that how many resources are left with the batting side in different situations.

Duckworth Lewis Calculation Table
Duckworth Lewis Calculation Table

Real-time Example of a DLS Method Calculation:

Let us take an example that happens earlier before in DLS history where India beats Australia by 26 runs. This happens in the first ODI of Australia tour of India in Septem

  • In the 1st innings, India scored 7/281 in 50 overs.
  • During the innings break, rain interrupts play, and the match is reduced to 21 overs.
  • The 2nd innings commences, with Australia requiring 164 for victory.
  • Australia finishes their innings on 9/137 off 21 overs.
  • India wins by 26 runs on the D/L Method.

WATCH: How DLS Method is Calculated in Cricket By ICC

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