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Bharat Arun Reveals the Reactions of Ravi Shastri When India Bowls

Indian team bowling coach Bharat Arun reveals the exact reaction of head coach Ravi Shastri and the scenario of the dressing room when Team India is on the field.

Bharat Arun on the reaction of Ravi Shastri

Bharat Arun reveals that Shastri shouts at him as well when someone on the field gives an easy boundary to the opposition batsmen. Notably, Ravi Shastri had called Bharat Arun months before the Australia tour and communicated his plan to dry up runs for the Australians.

“He will follow the match from the dressing room. But he absolutely hates it when a bowler concedes a boundary. He doesn’t want bowlers to concede a run.

“That’s what he wants. When we bowl, we should keep on taking wickets. And when they are bowling, we should keep on scoring runs. If someone concedes two boundaries, he will shout. If someone concedes a boundary, I know that I am going to be shouted at,” Bharat Arun said on Ashwin’s YouTube channel.

On the difference between the captaincy of Kohli and Rahane

Further, Bharat Arun also talked about the difference in captaincy style of Virat Kohli and his deputy Ajinkya Rahane under whom India won the Test series in Australia. Arun said that Rahane is calm and that is why the bowlers are not scared even after making mistakes. However, with Kohli, it’s the complete opposite.

According to Bharat Arun bowlers might think Kohli could get angry after two bad balls but in reality that is just his on-field energy.

“When it comes to Ajinkya, he is a calm person. Rahane might look calm from the outside but there is a steely nerve in him.

“He backs players and looks calm and even if a bowler goes wrong, he might not be scared of the captain. He knows that he will be backed.

“With Virat Kohli, if you bowl two bad balls, it might look like he will get angry, but that’s just his energy. Ajinkya brings the calmness, of course, even if he buys-in the plan, he makes sure he executes it to perfection,” Bharat Arun said.

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