Bayern Munich names Virat Kohli as Cross-Sports Equivalent for Manuel Neuer

Cross Sport equivalent Manuel Neuer and Virat Kohli

Bayern Munich has been named a cross-sport equivalent for their legendary keeper based on qualities like dedication, skill, and impact in their games.

FC Bayern Munich picks Virat Kohli as Cross-Sports Equivalent for Manuel Neuer

The German Football club Bayern Munich has picked the Indian star Virat Kohli as an equivalent for their legendary keeper Manuel Neuer.

The comparison went viral after a fan’s query on Bayern Munich’s official X handle, asking for cross-sport equivalents among the athletes.

“Name 2 athletes from different sports who are cross-sports equivalents to each other,” the fan asked.

Bayern Munich has responded with ‘Goat’ emojis to both athletes’ names underscoring the records of the stars in their respective sports.

Manuel Neuer has been successful over the years in football and has been a key player for Bayern Munich and the German national team.

Neuer has been the idol for the role of goalkeeper in modern football and almost serves as an additional outfield player.

He began his professional football career with Schalke, where he played from the 2003-04 season until 2011 before moving to Bayern Munich.

On the other hand, the cross-sport comparison Virat Kohli was known for his elegant batting and aggressive playing style. Kohli has completed his 15 years of international career and has amassed several records over his career, making him one of the greatest batters of the modern era.

His dedication to the sport and ability to perform under pressure reflect Neuer’s influence in football. The Cricket star who was recently blessed with a baby boy on February 15, continues to be one of the important figures in Indian cricket.

Despite his break during the test series on England’s tour of India, his return to cricket is highly anticipated as the IPL 2024 is nearing. He will be playing for Royal Challengers Bangalore and the franchise will be playing in the first match of the IPL 2024 schedule.

This comparison between Virat Kohli and Manuel Neuer has bridged the gap between Cricket and football games, allowing the fans to recognize other professional sports.